4 Must-Have Office Supplies!

4 Must-Have Office Supplies!

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Top view angle shot of home office wooden desktop with various items including: laptop, coffee paper cup, notepad, pen, pencil, eraser, marker, and mouse.

Since the advent of technology and its incorporation into the corporate world, bosses and businesses have been ordered from their respective corporate rooftops to adapt the paperless office credentials. It is nearly impossible to operate without a notepad, diaries or post-its, etc.  A computer might have the ability to execute many functions but it’s sure cannot replace a ream of office paper. This being said, there are some office supplies that are irreplaceable and indispensable. We refer to them as essential or basic office supplies. If you are planning on starting a business or you have one running, then read on to see if you are doing things right.

#1: Paper

This is the most basic and essential office supply. Although it comes in various forms, not only in A4 packs that clumsily sits beside your printer. If you do your research, you’ll discover that there are different kinds of paper for various purposes. Are you using the right one? Possessing the appropriate paper product for the right task would propel you to work to maximum capability.

#2: Notepad

This more like an extension of the above, paper. It is the paper-based sidekick of the corporate world that is commonly taken for granted. Imagine a business without notepads today? How then would one take notes for meeting, conferences or compile to-do lists, write down orders, etc. even journalists would find it difficult to write down quotes. In truth, the notepad is an unsung office hero.

#3: Diaries

They sound so ancient or outdated but are as effective as an e-calendar. Diaries are a physical and dependable way of staying organized, planning your office weeks and months ahead. Unlike an e-calendar, a traditional diary won’t crash on you or suffer a log-in error. Regardless of you having a mobile phone or PC, it’s recommended you have a contingency plan- a paperback diary.

#4: Pens

All the previously listed office supplies are like the foundation for this particular office supply. Without a pen, you cannot write permanently on paper and without paper, you can’t write. It is impossible to have many pens lying around your office Having them in surplus gives you comfort. These are not just the common ball-point pens but the fountain pens, marker pens, gel pens and fluorescent pens. They all have their unique use.

These are must-have office supplies that you must have in your office. You can, therefore, check out 123ink office supplies for their high-quality and affordable office supplies.

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