5 things to know about Doculand

5 things to know about Doculand

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There are a lot of establishments that have prospered a lot due to their good fortune. These businesses, initially established as small enterprises have risen through the ages into something remarkable which is bound to leave a mark in the pages of history. These small establishments’ success lay in the fact that they provide superior service to the customers and earn the customers’ trust in the initial stage itself. The transition to becoming a famous firm from this is very smooth. A lot of examples of these types of establishments are known all over the world. Doculand is one such establishment, which is on the verge of rising above its competition. Doculand is one of the best digital printing service establishment in Montreal and is soon looking to expand.

The conception of Doculand itself worthy to be looked into. There are a lot of things that may help the amateur business entrepreneurs set up shop anywhere in the world. 5 of the most prominent things to be known about doculand are

  1. This brand was initially set up as a small photocopying centre in the city in the year 1985, with not much scope for improvement in the future, like any other photocopying centre. However, due to best in class services, the business escalated and before they knew it, doculand had become a huge digital printing service establishment in the city of Montreal by a huge margin in capital and other factors.
  2. This is a firm which lives by the motto of Quality, Speed, Precision and Service. These are, according to the owner of the establishment, the sole way to their success in the past two decades. These words define the company and set the high standards of work and service provided by this firm.
  3. Doculand has a varied clientele and specializes in a variety of printing services provided to the clientele. Their services to the customers include digital, large format, offset and document printing among others. Photocopying, Greeting cards and delivery are also a part of the service provided by doculand.
  4. Doculand boasts of a 25 year old experience, which make them the masters in that particular field of business. The firm has a rich and varied knowledge of the services required by their clients. They are committed to creating materials that live up to the personal and professional image of the clients.
  5. The firm comprises of a skilled team working relentlessly on the various projects entrusted with them. The technology used at doculand is deemed the best, which is also a reason for their best in-class services.


This firm truly has the potential to make it big in the market. The files to be printed to be created can be given in person or electronically, via the email. The above article gives a brief overview of the services provided by doculand.

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