5 Ways HR Can Work With Headhunters

5 Ways HR Can Work With Headhunters

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You already have an HR team so why should you even consider working with headhunters? This is a question that probably always pops into your mind if you are a business owner or manager who often gets proposals from recruitment agencies.

But partnering with a headhunter in the UAE or other countries doesn’t mean that your chosen firm will replace or take on the job of your HR staff. They will work together to ensure that only the most qualified and talented employees are added to your roster of personnel.

Collaborative Recruitment

Here are five ways your HR team can work with a headhunting firm to ensure a smooth and productive hiring process:

  1. They can pool their resources together

Certain positions can be hard to fill. This is especially true if you are looking to hire a top-level executive that specializes in a particular field. Although your team is doing everything they can to attract the most qualified applicants, they may still have difficulties finding the perfect candidates.

The best headhunters already have a pool of qualified candidates which consist of both active and passive applicants.

With the number of applicants your HR team managed to gather and the headhunting firm’s pool of candidates, there will be more people that can move on to the next recruitment stage. There will be more qualified applicants and you will have a higher chance of finding the ideal staff to add to your team.

And even if there are more candidates to choose from, your HR team won’t have to spend more time and money in sourcing these applicants. This is because the recruitment agency already has them. They can always provide your recruitment team more candidates if they are asked to do so.

  1. A headhunting company can relieve the burden of HR

If you have a small HR team, they often have a lot of work on their hands: preparing payroll, facilitating training, coaching, and mentorship programs, dealing with grievances, performance appraisals, etc. They have to do all of these on top of hiring new employees.

Recruitment is a time-consuming process that can affect your HR staff’s work performance. But if they are working with a headhunting firm, they can do away with some steps of recruitment such as:

  • Resume or CV screening
  • Initial screening
  • Collection of qualified candidates’ key documents
  • Background investigation
  • Salary negotiation

With less hiring processes to handle, your HR staff can focus on their other work.

It is important to note, though, that your HR team and the headhunting firm have to know exactly what their roles are. When they know what their particular duties are, they will work more harmoniously together and get better results.

  1. They can share market intelligence

Recruiters and headhunters always stay abreast of the latest market, industry, and salary trends. They can share all this information with your HR team thereby allowing them to be updated as well.

This is particularly true if you will work with a company that specializes in your industry.  They will share knowledge and expertise that will help improve your team’s recruitment efforts.

  1. They can work together to create implement recruitment strategies

If your company is always in need of new employees, your HR team and headhunting partner can work together to choose, create, and implement the most suitable staffing strategies.

Some of the most popular recruitment strategies they can select and customize for your company’s particular needs are:

  • Job fairs
  • Job boards
  • Social media recruitment
  • Database search

Whichever strategies they choose, they have to be on the same page regarding the methods and steps to ensure that they are working towards the same goal.

  1. They can share data

Many headhunting companies send recruitment surveys out to candidates during and after the recruitment process. They then share the responses of the candidates to their clients.

The information your HR team can get from a third-party recruitment company will help them see their errors and correct them. They will know if their staffing strategies are effective or not and make the necessary changes.

Although your HR department already has key information available at hand, additional data from a third-party recruitment company can help them see and understand their mistakes. They can then carry out better recruitment practices.

Your HR team has the important job of ensuring your organization has the right number of qualified, top-performing employees. Given enough time and resources, they will fill in these vacant positions.

But there will be instances wherein they will need help. Professional headhunters can certainly lend them a hand with their staffing needs.  


A passionate recruiter with more than 12 years in the executive search industry, Payal Bhatia is an international headhunter and business partner for RM & Associates in the MENA region specializing in the FMCG, retail, telecom, and engineering sectors.

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