6 Tips For A Good Presentation

6 Tips For A Good Presentation

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Every time it is more frequent that we have to make presentations in power point. Likewise, many of us have had to witness some of these in a room, where the speaker has no idea what he is talking about, reads from a paper, or stuck everything he had to say in his PowerPoint presentation.

In an exhibition, a speaker-audience relationship is generated at a specific time, during which the exhibitor wants the audience to retain certain information that they consider essential, which is not achieved by filling in the slide with text.

A presentation full of text has other drawbacks: it is visually stressful, which causes an instinctive rejection and achieves an effect contrary to the desired one; besides highlighting the exhibition, generating a distancing of the attendees; This also not to forget that the exhibitor runs the risk of sinning and start reading the slide.

Here are some tips to make good TGP presentations. Having these tips in mind when building your maybe can make a difference when convincing your client.

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1- Make it simple. Do not include anything that does not work for you. Before constructing your presentation, ask yourself: What is the purpose of the talk? What is it that the audience should take away after seeing you? What does the audience expect and value?

2- Do not use the templates. There are several reasons, the first is that someone in the audience has probably seen it before in another presentation, or may have even used it.

Another is that today there are practically no standardized products, as consumers demand products tailored to our needs, then thinking of your audience as consumers who are what you have to say, you must prepare a presentation tailored of your needs.

3- Be visual. Use a large number of images and photographs, images are a natural and powerful means of human communication. The image reinforces any point and generates moods and feelings in the audience.

4- Be judicious in the use of transitions and animations. If it does not add to your exposure do not add them.

5- Limit your ideas to a central idea by slide. If it is not possible for you, show the ideas in separate slides, it will not take longer.


6- Use the notes. Use the option to see pages of notes, in this way you can warn that at the end of your presentation you will deliver them so that they do not have to take notes and concentrate on you.