Benefits on engaging with Traffic Logix

Benefits on engaging with Traffic Logix

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The rates of road accidents are increasing immensely in major parts of America. On average thousands of such incidents occur every day and which results in great collateral damage across the country. Despite traffic rules and regulations, people break them smartly and run away without leaving a trace of them. For the better safety on the roads, Traffic Logix has come up with reliable traffic solutions which are safe, secure and avoid accidents. They

Best controlling mechanisms from Traffic Logix

Interceptor Speed camera System:

It is a special type of a device that helps in verifying the speed and also warning at the same time. This device comes with immense features through which you can easily detect the speed of the car. It has a 16 beam infrared detection system which precisely detects the speed of the vehicle. It not only gives information about a single vehicle but manages multiple vehicles at a single time on single or dual lanes

The interceptor can work with every Weatherly conditions and it measures the complete velocity of the upcoming vehicle passing through the road. This device does not require high power and operates autonomously. Also, with the help of this system, one can easily identify the driver and upload the important information in the cloud storage.

Enforcer Speed Camera System

It is basically a robust camera system which can be easily fixed at any location as a mobile or trailer unit. This system also comes with a 2D multi-beam infrared camera which offers amazing accuracy and precision. Most of the features are similar to the Interceptor but this allows the user to check and install this device at any particular location and make the better use of it by controlling and maintaining the traffic.

Reliable traffic solutions

Not only the high definition cameras but Traffic Logix offers you with signboards that are conjugated with the latest technology.  Till now this company has successfully installed more than 10000 traffic safety equipment across the world and helped in maintaining the traffic systems. After installation of these systems, one can easily verify the speed of the vehicles and it allows you to maintain the traffic in different zones like schools, colleges, and street markets.

For this, the company provides you with radar speed signs, speed camera systems, and rubber traffic calming. The rubber traffic calming is the easiest and most reliable traffic controller which helps in saving lives and slows down the cars.

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