Blake Goldring: The Man behind AGF’s Phenomenal Rise and Growth!

Blake Goldring: The Man behind AGF’s Phenomenal Rise and Growth!

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What makes a business survive through hard times? Is it the hard working team of employees, a determined leader or some sort of strategy that comes handy in the last minute? Regardless of the nature of definition of success, running a business is no game and requires a sense of proactiveness ready to face the casualties with a positive approach and never giving attitude.

There are loads of examples of business leaders and dynamic personalities around the world that have proved their mettle time and again when it comes to achieving phenomenal business success. One such dynamic personality that is not bound to any introduction today is, Sir Blake goldring, Chief Executive Officer at the AGF Management Ltd, Canada!

Being the CEO of the Canadian independent firm, Goldring has put in all his brilliance and approach taking AGF to new heights. While the assets of the company have witnessed a tremendous growth in 2015, it has also expanded its services in the educational and retail sector.

Getting familiar with Blake’s Education and Profession

With a rich professional background, Blake holds Bachelors in Economics and a Master’s degree in Business Administration hailing from the University of Toronto. Being an entrepreneur that he is, Blake is also associated with Toronto Analyst Society along with holding a designation of a Financial Analyst at the Canadian Institute of investment bankers.

In addition to having known as business leader, Blake also has an image of a philanthropist doing for the society and helping out the needy. He has also led to the emergence of a Canadian accompany named as “Many Ways to Serve” that is involved in bringing the Canadian leaders together to be doing good and productive for the military and their families.

Journey to AGF’s Growth

The company has witnessed a large expansion and is planning to achieve acquisitions in the coming year as Blake’s wants to decrease the dependence on traditional business and is planning to move to new age practices.

“A thing that has always managed to seek my attention is the volatile nature of assets in the retail sector”, says the Goldring in an interview at the Bloomberg’s Office. “While the casualty stake is high, money can come in and out making us see both the sides of the coin. Hence, we need to be focussing on expanding our high net worth client base at this peak hour.”

Also going in by the market statistics, if AGF want to continue being the retail dominator, it will have to adopt diversification sooner or later while being liberal on its policies that could allow cheaper funds to investors. The Bloomberg survey further expects a decrease in the net revenue of the company towards the end of this year getting the lowest just like it happened in the fourth quarter of 2007.

Another reason why AGF has been in news, is its migration to nascent ETF business that has managed to raise about C$20 million of assets while introducing seven newly managed funds. This step has been quite major and if market will favour, AGF is surely going to rely on ETF as its biggest contributor for growth in coming years under Blake goldring guidance and masterful business insight!

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