CoinBanks and Cryptocurrency Trading

CoinBanks and Cryptocurrency Trading

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Bitcoin is the most rapidly growing digital currency and has great demand when it comes to investment perspective. Although Bitcoin is very famous, yet there are many other digital and crypto currencies that can be used for the investment purposes. Once a user has deposited funds into his CoinBanks account, this money can be used to trade all type of supported currencies without any hurdle. CoinBanks allows its users to trade multiple currencies, without restricting them to bitcoin only.

Convenience of Trading with CoinBanks

One great thing about CoinBanks is that you can trade different currencies from a single account. Trading currencies from multiple accounts can be very uncomfortable and a trader may also need to wait until he gets funds in a particular account to initiate the trading procedure. With CoinBanks, you do not need to open a separate account for trading each type of cryptocurrency. This is what makes the trading process more simple and straightforward.

Trading Bitcoins with CoinBanks is based upon the buy low and sell high concept. Same is the idea with other digital currencies, but every trader has to come across the risk factor due to unpredictability and volatility of these digital currencies. A trader can try his best to stay away from any potential loss and increase the chances of massive profits. However, all it depends upon the correct understanding of the trading market without which earning profits can be a little bit challenging. CoinBanks has a dedicated team of professional traders who have deep understanding of trading arena and lets a customer enjoy a hassle free trading experience on the go.

The Blessings of PAMM Accounts

CoinBanks has introduced the PAMM Accounts for the facilitation of its consumers. The PAMM or Percent Allocation Management Module Account is a wonderful investment service offered by CoinBanks that offer investors the opportunity to earn money without having to trade them with Forex. Plus account managers are entitled to make additional income simply through managing accounts for their clients.

The process of opening a PAMM Account is very simple. An account manager starts to open a PAMM account by investing a specific proportion from his personal capital which is also known as the Manager’s capital. This specific amount of money invested by the manager can’t be withdrawn. The next step is to make a portfolio in which all terms and conditions are stated for the awareness of investors. Mainly this involves the percentage of share that investors will be paying to the account manager in compensation of managing the account on their behalf.

Investors are allowed to choose their desired account by selecting the best-rated PAMM Account found under ratings. Afterwards, the manager starts trading on the account consuming the funds of investors and his own personal capital. If the PAMM account has profits or losses, these are divided between the investor and the manager, in accordance with their share in account.

Categories of PAMM Accounts

There are different types of accounts offered to managers and investors. These are a little different from each other depending up on the initial amount of investment required to open an account and trading features. Let’s take a look at these in brief.


The Bronze Account offers personal account manager to handle account activities, one trading sessions per week and one time leverage. The initial amount required to open this sort of account is $5000. It is worth noting that no education plan is included in the Bronze account.


The silver account offers two times leverage along with a personal account analyst. This is to make sure that your account runs smoothly and transactions are carried out to earn maximum profits. This account has two trading sessions per week and one education sessions. The minimum initial deposit required to open silver account is $10000.


You will need the minimum $15000 to open the Gold account. It offers the senior account analyst with years of experience in the trading industry. The Gold account also gives two times leverage, three trading and two education sessions.


This type of PAMM account offers three times leverage and a senior account chief analyst to support the trading process. Furthermore, two trading sessions and full education package is included in the platinum account. A trader needs a minimum amount of $50000 to open a platinum account with CoinBanks.


You will get five times leverage with the diamond account. A senior account chief analyst carry outs the account activities. Moreover, the diamond account holder gets 2 trading sessions and the full education package. The amount required to open this sort of account is $100000.


This is the most advanced PAMM account offered by CoinBanks. It requires a minimum deposit of $250000 and offers seven times leverage. The senior account chief analyst is responsible for managing the account. Plus traders will get daily signals and full education package.

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