Detect the movement through CCTV cameras

Detect the movement through CCTV cameras

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Security is one of the most important yet least attended to matters in many homes around the world today. There is undoubted risk in not having office, home or valuable premises under security surveillance, it is important therefore to address the risk or be prepared to accept the consequences!

Close Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras are an excellent way to monitor security and safety requirements virtually anywhere, with little or no human intervention. CCTV cameras use powerful technology and sophisticated software to address a myriad of applications within government, commercial organisations and the home. Users include airports, traffic authorities, military establishments, tertiary institutions, shopping centres, city councils, small and large businesses, sports and entertainment complexes, in fact anyone that has valuables to protect or safety 
standards to monitor.

The sophistication of a high-powered Samsung IP CCTV Camera Dubai these days enables motion detection, and face and number plate recognition. Motion detection applications include recording basic property intruders through to catching people throwing items out of high rise apartments that endanger pedestrians below, which is a significant issue in areas of London.

In casinos, powerful CCTV Installation Dubai cameras are used to record activities at all gaming tables 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some systems can even detect slight of hand movements and irregularities of players and croupiers alike!

Advancements in the storage and replay of digital images has greatly reduced costs and enabled vastly greater amounts of video footage to be recorded and stored for longer. Replay can be instant, like the replay of sports activities on home television.

Considerable advancement in CCTV technology in the last decade has seen more compact and powerful systems being readily available for the home and business user at very realistic prices. Security images can also easily be streamed over the internet such that alerts and live recordings can be received instantly by property owners located anywhere in the world.