Direct Mail Marketing For Small Businesses

Direct Mail Marketing For Small Businesses

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Direct email marketing is one of the most misunderstood advertising techniques available to small companies.  It is common knowledge to try direct email to find more clients, but most that try find they get dreadful returns.  Obviously since it didn’t work for you the first time, it must be unsuccessful… wrong!

Direct marketing has been utilized since the beginning of mail itself

There’s a reason for this also.  It works! It worked then and it definitely works today.  So, why not seen the results that I am speaking about? As you aren’t applying smart advertising principles to your direct email campaigns.

With any difficulty in your enterprise, you have to dissect each step and discover where you can improve.  The more you can do this. The better outcomes you’re going to get at mailing house Melbourne.  As soon as you have your system, you are able to repeat and know what to expect.  If you sent a direct email advertising campaign last month and got zero responses, what do you believe will happen if you send the same email piece to the same number of people this month?  More than likely zero consequences.

Let us reiterate what should happen in a direct email advertising campaign to determine success

There are three steps that each and every piece of email you send them must undergo.  Conquer all three of those steps and you have favourable outcomes. They are:

  • Prospect needs to open the email.
  • Prospect must read the email.
  • Prospect must act on the email.

That is it.  There’s nothing more than that.  I know that it sounds so simple, but do you know what step your direct email advertising campaign gets stopped at?

Step 1 – Getting them to start the email

If it comes to this part of direct marketing, you have to think about what your typical prospect does when they get the email… they go through it over the trash can.  I know I do this daily. If it is not something which absolutely grabs my eye, I drop it in the trash without a second appearance. Sending a standard envelope or your typical promotion will be dropped from the trash before they even see who it is from.  Catch their eye by adding something special to your envelopes or becoming creative with images or colours.

Step 2 – Get them to read the email

If they don’t know the true sender of the mail piece, then they really need something to catch their attention to allow them to devote their time reading what’s inside.  In the current world, people feel that they don’t have time to invest 45 seconds in your email unless it is very intriguing. Do these by testing your headlines of your direct email advertising campaigns.  Push some buttons your target market needs or put something your typical promotion would not.

Step 3 – Get them to act on the email

Getting them to start your email piece… afterward, getting them to see it means nothing if they don’t actually do what you need them to do.  That is the reason your backup on the mail piece must be perfected. Give a direct clear call to action. If you want them to call you for a free estimate, put that in the letter.  Whatever it is… make it so that they know exactly what you want them to do. Build the intrigue throughout the letter and they will follow your direction.

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