Electrical Power System Experts in Edmonton

Electrical Power System Experts in Edmonton

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Electrical power systems are important aspects of our daily lives as they help to power industrial plants, our businesses and even our homes. However, to increase their efficiency and enhance the safety of your plant, equipment and the people around it, it is important to ensure that your electrical power system is properly installed and in its top working condition. Luckily, there are numerous companies which have specialized in providing a complete range of services for many different types of power systems.

Electrical Power System Experts in Edmonton

If you are based in Edmonton and would like to optimize the safety and performance of your power system equipment, you will find companies that can help. These companies are staffed with certified engineers, technologists, electrical and imaging technicians who employ some of the latest technologies to analyze, optimize and ultimately extend the lifespan of power system equipment. They are known to offer topnotch infrared & corona electrical scanning, as well as arc flash studies in Edmonton. You can count on them for:

  1. Electrical Arc Flash Solutions

An arc flash is a very serious hazard with the potential to cause very devastating effects, and ensuring worker safety, as well as meeting all arc flash safety requirements may not be an easy task. However, you can trust these experts to deliver complete solutions for arc-flash compliance in Canada. They offer comprehensive hazard analysis and labeling, personal protective equipment, as well as training. Their services are geared towards reducing your risks while providing the best safety programs in the industry. If you are searching for the best place for arc flash studies in Edmonton, they have you covered.

  1. Electrical Equipment Modification and Upgrade

If you would like to upgrade and retrofit your electrical system, these experts can also help with this. They are able to upgrade your system with unique rebuilt and retrofitted equipment, hence saving you up to 2/3 of the cost of replacing it. Furthermore, these highly skilled and experienced technicians will help with all the installation and upgrade work. They are able to upgrade or modify your system with functional circuit breakers, relays, starters and contactors, high voltage switches and motor control centres.

  1. Harmonic and Electrical Power Quality Analysis

With an increase in the use of very sensitive computer equipment, any high voltage spikes, as well as disturbances can create serious problems in a facility. Luckily, these experts are able to install recording units on a power system to help in determining the exact origin of such disturbances. Furthermore, they can also make recommendations on how to effectively reduce such problematic conditions.

  1. Infrared & Corona Electrical Scanning

These experts have also specialized in providing topnotch infrared & corona electrical scanning, which are proven, reliable, accurate and very effective techniques of detecting faults in a power system. They include:

  1. a) Powerline Corona Ultraviolet Scanning: For this service, very advanced ultraviolet cameras are used in electrical utilities, power plants, high voltage laboratories, railways, mines, as well as private industries to accurately detect corona on high voltage equipment.
  2. b) Infrared Fugitive Emission Detection: This service uses an advanced optical imaging technology, in conjunction with thermal cameras, in order to pinpoint gas leaks in hard-to-reach areas.
  3. c) Infrared Thermal Scanning of Electrical Equipment: This technique employs modern thermal imaging technologies used to determine the exact condition of electrical equipment.

These companies have also specialized in providing Transmission and Distribution Services, power-cable termination & testing, power transformer fluid analysis, as well as PPE testing and recertification. Furthermore, they also deal with a range of products including arc flash protection gear, grounding equipment, infrared windows and viewing ports, hand protection gear, as well as protection relay and metering.