ezTalks Meetings: Collaboration, Mobility

ezTalks Meetings: Collaboration, Mobility

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The way people work together is evolving. Whether you are ready or not, these changes will impact how and where teams and employees will manage their business. By 2014, global mobile data traffic increased by 69% and nearly half a billion mobile devices were activated and connected. This traffic is expected to be multiplied by ten by 2019.

What is the market assessment of mobile collaboration applications?

Aragon Research has compiled an inventory of applications to solve these challenges in its Tech Spectrum for Mobile Collaboration report. The organization lists products designed to improve teamwork in the professional world. According to Aragon, these tools facilitate the interaction between colleagues and partners, whether they are on the premises of the company or outside. Collaboration has no barrier as it can take place via any terminal.

Aragon contacted 13 suppliers and their customers to evaluate how the products meet market needs. Although the characteristics and capabilities of the applications vary, “leaders” have been identified, i.e. those with overall strategies, products and services in line with industry direction and demand market.

These leaders also help drive the market and (often) provide a vision of what the future of collaboration will look like. Headquartered in Hong Kong, ezTalks has become a new leader in the field.

This new market is taking shape, choose now to be part of it by changing the working methods of your collaborators.

Collaboration is an important factor in increasing the use of mobile terminals

We have all used chat and messaging tools in our personal lives for years through software like FaceTime, WhatsApp, ezTalks Meetings and many others. With the success of this simple and direct communication, it was only a matter of time before these applications found their way into the professional world. This “consumerization of information technology” paves the way for new technologies that tend to redefine the limits of the workplace.

ezTalks has very naturally conquered users, whether sedentary or nomadic, because mobility concerns everyone, even in the office. In this, ezTalks has brought the remote teams closer and brought flexibility to users accustomed to desktop terminals. Mobility has become the most widespread model, regardless of activity!

But it’s not just about technology. The way in which teams form and work together has also changed. Employees no longer need to be in the same place at the same time, new technologies allow them to work with remote clients, suppliers and colleagues. While it is essential to support this evolution and the needs of the mobile workforce, many companies do not know where to start.

Would you like to add more collaboration tools to your business?

ezTalks experts are there to guide you and accompany you. That’s where our experts come in. Among these ever-changing solutions, how do you choose which ones are the most effective and which will adapt best to your organization? The experience we have developed based on the very diverse configurations of our customers allows us to present ezTalks solutions as the most robust and the most in-phase with the expectations of remote teams, on the move.

While mobile collaboration projects are becoming increasingly widespread in companies, whatever their size, the absolute priority of the structures is the adoption of these tools by the teams.