Five Tips for Using Email Marketing to Generate Sales Leads

Five Tips for Using Email Marketing to Generate Sales Leads

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Thanks to modern technology, some ways of generating sales leads have become passé. With the number of land-based telephones shrinking among consumers and people signing up for “do not call” lists to request that businesses do not randomly call them, cold calling is rarely done anymore.

Fortunately, the Internet can help generate leads and close sales via email marketing. Here are five tips for using email marketing to generate leads.

Write Enticing Subject Lines

When using emails to generate sales leads, you need to write enticing or intriguing subject lines so that the recipients want to open the email instead of deleting it. The goal is to build a relationship with them so that they will open whatever you send them.

Try using action-oriented subject lines such as “download this e-book” or you can address the recipients personally by using their names. Test your subject lines to discover which ones work best for the products or services that you’re offering to your target audience.

Send Reminder About Opt-in

Sometimes people will sign-up for a newsletter and then promptly forget that they have done so. This often results in the emails they are sent being deleted and an “unsubscribe” request soon after. However, if you send out a message to remind recipients about their opt-in to a newsletter, they will be expecting the emails and open them.

Use an auto-responder to send a reminder one to ten days after their registration. Also, include some interesting content in the reminder so that they remember why they made the decision to opt in to the newsletter.

Put Message Above Fold

The main message of the email should be above the fold, which is the area that readers can see without needing to scroll down. If your message is below the fold, then 70% of email recipients won’t see it. In addition, a call to action should also be above the fold and there should be at least three calls to action in an email to increase the chances of generating leads.

Use Responsive Design

Keep in mind that not everyone opening the emails will be on a desktop or laptop computer so use HMTL and responsive design when creating them. You should also incorporate images in newsletters or emails because people can process them faster than words. However, the images may be blocked for recipients using a desktop or laptop to open the emails so make sure important content, such as the calls to action, is textual and not dependent on images.

Be Concise with CTAs

Calls to action (CTAs) should be clear, concise, and simple so that readers can respond to them right away. Reinforce CTAs in the subject line of the email and in the content above the fold and include one below it as well. Include a link or button in the email that takes the reader to an informational piece of content, a video, or the landing page about the product or service that you’re promoting.

By following these tips, you should be able to generate more leads, especially qualified leads, with email marketing. They may be able to help you close more sales as well.

Once you start getting leads from your email marketing effort, you may want to contact FunnelMetrics to learn how to close these leads and convert them into sales.

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