How to Get Over Nerves Before Heading to a Job Interview

How to Get Over Nerves Before Heading to a Job Interview

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re applying at your local fast food joint or checking out CPA jobs, getting a job interview often means feeling nervous beforehand. If you want to start your interview feeling confident and in control, try some of these ideas to get over your nerves.

Arrive Early


Everyone says you should arrive to job interviews early to show the interviewer that you’re serious and punctual, but being early also benefits you. Showing up at least 15 minutes early gives you time to take a few deep breaths, double-check how you look in the mirror, and go over the answers to common questions in your head. You’ll feel much more pulled together then if you were rushing into the building right on the dot.

Make a List of Questions


Chances are you’ve been told to practice your answers to common questions, but has anyone helped you to create your own list of questions? Nearly every interviewer asks if you have questions at the end of the interview. Creating a list of questions beforehand keeps you engaged without allowing you to forget to ask the important things.

Have Your References Ready


Despite popular belief you should not mention references on your resume, nor should you include their information during the application process. Instead, save references for your interview. A short, typed list of two or three individuals makes it easy to hand over references when asked instead of fumbling through your phone for contact information.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses


These are often the hardest questions. Know how to talk about the things you have accomplished or are good at without sounding arrogant. On the other hand, knowing and being willing to talk about your weaknesses shows you are self-aware and willing to improve.

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