What Handrail Fittings are Available for my Safety Rails?

What Handrail Fittings are Available for my Safety Rails?

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Safety handrails are an essential component for health and safety in any environment with heights, drops and potentially hazardous areas. By preventing accidental falls into these dangers, and acting as a visible barrier delineating the safe area, handrails protect your staff or visitors from accidents and injury.

At heights or where an area may be windy, handrails are also a convenient balance aid, giving people something to grip and steady themselves, reducing the risk of a slip or fall even further.

But how can these vital safety components be made more suitable for your needs? Can they be customised to suit you, or are they all the same? With the help of handrail fittings and bespoke manufacturers like Guardrail Engineering, you can customise your handrails with:

A Choice of Base Design

The most common type of handrail is the “Ball” type railing, which features a ball of metal at the joints of railing and stick, conserving the thickness and material strength at each joint and creating a superbly strong structure. Of these, a choice of railing height and number are available, so whether you simply need a knee railing, a waist-high double-rail handrail featuring a handrail and knee rail, or a triple-ball fitting with three railings for maximum protection, you can get it.

At Guardrail Engineering, your railings can be angled to suit ramps, stairways or tilted sections of walkway, and can include bends, returns and other more unusual shapes to suit your requirements.

Choice of Base Plate

One of the most important handrail fittings to ensure a solid performance is your base plate, which will determine the strength and position of your railings. Without an appropriate base plate, the rest of the handrail fittings are irrelevant: the structure won’t be as strong as it could be.

That’s why at Guardrail Engineering, the engineers there provide a range of base plates drilled out of different thicknesses and gauges of steel, and include rectangular, square, triangular and circular base plates to make sure you can get the perfect fit, no matter your needs!

If you need a style of base plate which is not stocked by Guardrail, don’t be afraid to get in touch – any custom base plates or handrail fittings can be made to your order.

Gates and Infills

If you need to be able to provide access beyond your handrail without compromising coverage, then gates and infills may be the perfect handrail fittings for you.

A spring-loaded self-closing gate acts as an ordinary part of the handrail until opened, at which point it is possible to walk through and the gate will close itself behind you, restoring a complete barrier. Gates are an excellent choice when safety is paramount, since they are able to provide the same level of protection as the rest of the railing and close themselves, preventing accidents caused by leaving them open.

For more information on handrail fittings and handrail installation, or to request a quote for a guardrail system, you can get in touch with Guardrail Engineering on their contact form or call 01902871208 today!

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