How to Improve Your Company’s Management Style

How to Improve Your Company’s Management Style

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A good chunk of your company’s success will depend on the style of management. Companies, like people, can adopt different styles of management depending on the field of business and other factors. However, in the end, the management style must result in an efficient and productive workforce. It’s important to note that one style of management may not always work. The management must evolve with the market and unique challenges it poses as time goes on. Also, if the constituency of the company changes as it grows, the management may have to adjust as well. In any case, here are several tips to improve the current management style of your small business:

Macho-Ness Often Backfires

In the past, it was common for managers to be stern and mercurial in order to assert authority. You know, like dad. This type of “macho” management style often backfires. The modern workplace is complex and often has more laws to comply with. Plus, the modern workplace is also well connected. Managers risk becoming alienated from their workforce by being too “macho.” Workers could also ignore commands or think derisively of a mercurial manager. The best managers are patient, understanding, and well attuned to spotting problems related to working conditions as well as business. So don’t imitate an outdated style that will not solve problems at the modern workplace.

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Ask a Consultant for an Opinion

No one is ever a good judge of their conduct. If you want to know whether your management style really works, have it evaluated by a professional consultant, like Global Resources LLC. In fact, getting your whole company a management review is a great idea when you want to improve overall business practices. Consultants can review management practices, company finances, and employee productivity. Then, you will know exactly what’s going right and what’s not. A good consultant can also offer a set of recommendations that will improve your management style.

Learn to Listen to Feedback

If you truly want to improve as a manager, then you need to be able to listen to criticism. Ask for feedback from the people you supervise. It’s best to handle feedback surveys anonymously. Do not bristle at criticism. Good managers learn from criticism. If you receive more critical comments than praise, it doesn’t necessarily make you a bad manager. It simply indicates that the workforce is disappointed in your managerial manner. So, listen to what they have to say and make changes accordingly.

Be a Better Communicator

A manager needs to be a strong communicator to reach out to employees. Communication is a key element of good leadership. If you want to be successful in your position, you need to be able to communicate well with employees, and also have them communicate comfortably with you.

Avoid Micromanaging

Do not be a “helicopter” manager and become unbearable to everyone. The workplace should be able to thrive without you. Micromanagers typically sap the work environment of its own leadership capability and autonomy. That’s never good for competency and productivity on the long run.

You won’t be able to become a good manager overnight. But considering the above will help you along the way.

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