Ingenious Insurance Lead Generation Ideas & Tips for Agents

Ingenious Insurance Lead Generation Ideas & Tips for Agents

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Generating leads is a critical process for insurance agents, and whether you choose to purchase your leads or find them yourself, your main ambition is to generate high quality leads at the lowest cost possible, without tying up your valuable time. Insurance leads are prospective customers, and an agent’s core activity is converting the leads they have acquired into sales.

There are multiple approaches to generating leads, but it can be a time consuming process to sift through information online and discover the best methods. This article has collected together various ideas, strategies, and tips for generating leads, and if buying insurance leads is your preferred option, there are various websites available which provide reliable information on the best lead insurance providers on the market.

Buying Leads

Internet leads are an easy way to gain contact information without becoming involved in direct marketing. Shopping around gives you an opportunity to find affordable, high quality leads, and there are various leading providers on the market, creating freedom of choice. Be sure to research carefully and take advantage of an approach which maximizes your time, allows you to take control of your leads, and will ultimately increase your return on investment.

In-House Telemarketing

By employing staff who are willing to engage in cold calling, you can apply this method even if it does have a relatively low conversion rate. Even if you attract one customer per day through cold calling it’s worth it, where word of mouth and referrals from clients can make all the difference.

Criss Cross Directories

There are several online companies who develop accurate contact information of people that live near you, and as an agent this is a potential gold mine. You can obtain lists of people for every type of insurance, or alternatively acquire contact information for those who are tailored to your individual requirements. 

Landing Pages

Landing pages are single-page websites which are developed for a specific purpose, and in the case of the insurance agent this is lead generation. The page should be designed as a call of action for customers, including a quote request or email signup list, and this will increase the traffic through your website and help to generate leads who are genuinely interested in your service.

Improve your Website

Adopting various marketing techniques to attract customers is one thing, but once you have got their attention, are they going to be impressed by your website? If the answer is no, it is important to update your setup so it is clear and professional, otherwise you are less likely to convert leads into sales.


Emailing existing customers is another opportunity to exercise a call to action, where consumers who relate to the message sent will feel inclined to act accordingly. By describing the type of clients who will benefit most from the service you offer, people who relate will be inclined to get in touch, and even if they don’t act themselves, there is a chance they’ll forward the email onto a friend who requires insurance.

Social Media

This is a great way to bring further exposure to your business, where user engagement and interactivity is at an all time high. You can advertise offers and post regular news on updates to your service, and this will ultimately bring more traffic to your website and increase the possibility that people buy your insurance.

Networking Events

Organising events such as seminars and Q&As are a fantastic way to increase exposure, and having adopted conventional marketing methods to ensure people turn up, you are halfway to establishing a sale since they are already interested in insurance if they’re there. The business cards people take away creates leads, and following the event connections can be strengthened through social media.

I hope you have found this article useful, and if you feel as if we’ve left anything out, be sure to comment below to kickstart the discussion!