How to manage your online team

How to manage your online team

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Remote work is not only a solution for employees, but also for their employers. More and more companies see the value of it. After all, remote employees mean less costs for office space, supplies and travel costs. It makes you a more attractive employer and the talent pool is also a lot bigger: it is possible to find the best talent in, for example, Germany, India or Russia. Onlyremotejobs is for example a company that has a lot of people working from home. But this way of working does require a good approach. So how do you deal with remote employees?

Find a communication policy that works

Communication is key in every organization, but for work from home jobs that can be a little more difficult than normal. After all, you cannot simply walk by to discuss something. Especially if the employee is in a different time zone, communication can be a challenge. Therefore, as employer you have to make sure that there are enough methods and rules on how to contact each other. Make sure that there are enough (fixed) contact moments, and that these are not only via chat or e-mail, but also via telephone or voice or video chat. After all, written text may appear different than it is intended, which in turn can cause miscommunication. Be careful with micro-management: you cannot expect employees to be able to work productively if they are constantly bombarded with chat messages or phone calls.

Include remote employees in the organization’s culture

For an employee who does not experience the daily ins and outs (and the talk at the coffee machine), it is easy to feel alienated from the organization. On the managers side it is easy to consider an employee you do not see as self-evident. Contact is therefore crucial. Make sure that they share and communicate the values ​​of the organization, also in their way of working. Also discuss with the remote employee not only the much needed, but inform about their progress, victories and pitfalls and keep them informed of what is going on within the organization. More importantly, do not forget that these remote employees also want the opportunity to grow and get promoted.

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