Peter Loftin – Man Who Is Well Known For the Charitable Deeds

Peter Loftin – Man Who Is Well Known For the Charitable Deeds

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From being a college drop out to become one of the most popular and successful entrepreneurs in the USA, the life journey of Peter Loftin is almost surreal. The name Peter Loftin shined all around the country with the honor of hard work and pride along with persistence. Peter began his career from a small company based in North Carolina and there he used to sale portable telephones. After that, he became the owner of British Telecom Inc. one of the leading telephone giants of the world. This company was also known as BTI.

He is also known as the pride of North Carolina not only because of being of an achieving entrepreneur, but his life has some other stories too that must be told. The social works that he did, his concerns regarding different types of societal matters along with the financial contributions that he made to the society have made the world believe that he has fulfilled all the social responsibilities to make the earth a better place to live. Overall, he has done some remarkable charitable jobs and these are the things that made him different from others on the humanitarian ground.

The charities made by Peter:

Not everyone knows the fact that Peter Loftin began the charity works towards the society just at the age of twenties. The first important contribution that he made to the society is by beginning off a wonderful campaign known as the “Coats for Kids”. The main objective of this program was to offer coats to the needy kids during winter holidays to keep them safe and warm.

Red Cross- the way in:

Peter Loftin never worked as a celebrity contributor to all the non-profit organizations with which he worked. Rather, he was completely involved with most of those companies. As the governor of the American Red Cross, in Washington D.C, he took the most empowering decisions of his life. Red Cross is one of the most popular non-profit organizations, which support all the needy Americans with blood, cash, goods and time.

Some other important charitable activities of Loftin:

  1. Peter Loftin established a camp for both Boys and Girls Clubs of America, known as BTI.
  2. He is a part of the Oak Ranch, which helps the distressed young generations of the USA
  3. He is also the founder and the board member of North Carolina Museum of Natural Science, which aims to offer a wonderful experience to the adults as well as the kids about the natural science, which is there in the place.
  4. Peter is a part of SOF or the Special Operations Fund that was created with the goal of helping and supporting all the victims of 9/11
  5. Peter is also an important contributor to the “Make-a-Wish” foundation
  6. Peter Loftin is a member of the Council of Entrepreneurial Development, which offers scholarships to the meritorious students
  7. Last but not least, Loftin has also been an important contributor to the Airborne & Special Operations Museum

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