Recycling Old Gold

Recycling Old Gold

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Something old, something new and something borrowed. Those are three things you are supposed to incorporate into your wedding. However, weddings can be extremely expensive. There is the dress, the cake, the catering the bridal party, the brooms men the pictures and a million other things that can drive most people insane. The cost of it all can be astronomical. Some people spend years paying off debt from a wedding they had years ago. Starting a marriage with debt hanging over your head can put your marriage in a lot of strain. There are things that you can do to ensure that your wedding turns out as great as you have always dreamt of.

 Do you have pieces of gold jewellery lying around the house? The jewellery can be old or broken. It might be jewellery you don’t wear because it does not fit in with your style. You can convert all that gold to cash by selling it to a gold buyer. You can raise more money if you hosted a gold party. Not the typical gold parties that have become so popular for people to sell gold jewellery Melbourne. Instead, ask your friends to bring a piece of old gold jewellery, no matter how small or how broken it is instead of bringing an engagement present.

Have everyone throw the gold in a common pot and sort through the gold afterwards.

#1. Sort by karat

If you can determine the karat from a stamp on the piece of gold then that is ideal. However sometimes, there is no stamp or the gold might be so old, it could have worn off with time. When you are unsure of the Karat, you should do an Assay test. You can purchase an Assay test kit this kit will consist of touchstone made from a dark rock like slate that is acid resistant.  It also comes with different acid solutions.

#2. Test your gold quality

To conduct the test, you will need to scratch the stone with the gold so that it leaves a mark. You can then apply the acid to the mark. The higher the content of gold the less likely it will be for it to vanish when acid is used. The common acid used in gold assays is nitric acid. This is because this acid will dissolve most metals except gold.

#3. Weigh your gold

Weigh the gold on a scale so you know how much gold you have to sell.

#4. Find a gold buyer

You can find  buyers to sell gold jewellery Melbourne.  Gold buyers are located in most big cities. In some places, gold buyers may seem to exist on every corner. If they are in brick and mortar stores, you can find them online. This is where things can get tricky if you don’t take time to gather as much information on the gold market and research the gold buyer who wants to give you money for your old gold so badly.

#5. Recycle your gold

Since we are talking weddings, you could save a lot of money and actually make your wedding extra special by re-using the gold. Because of its malleability, gold can be recycled and reworked to anything. You can recycle your old gold to make custom designed wedding jewellery. By recycling old gold to create new jewellery pieces and you can have the old, new and borrowed in your wedding ring.


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