Refrigeration for Food, Drink and Medical Needs

Refrigeration for Food, Drink and Medical Needs

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Food and drink

Fridge trailer rental and refrigerated trailers for sale offer stress reducing facilities and allow a catering firm or venue to expand and realise their potential.

The fridge that you set out in business with may not be able to hold the amount of stock that you need it to now.

Perhaps you are making several trips to suppliers to accommodate the shortage of space and costing yourself time and fuel.

You shouldn’t be in the position in which your refrigeration dictates the size of parties or the amount of a certain item that you can stock at any one time.

There is a far more efficient and cost effective way to work and that is by taking advantage of professional fridge hire or by purchasing your own fridge trailer which can be placed outside or inside premises in easy reach of staff.

A fridge trailer from an established and highly rated service provider like Icecool Trailers who are based in Newbury and work in Berkshire, the Thames Valley, the Home Counties, the Midlands, London and South Wales, will be hygienic and thoroughly maintained to meet current legislation so whether you investigate refrigerated trailers for sale or fridge trailer rental you should be confident that the facilities are delivered in the best condition.

Fridge trailers protect more than food and drink supplies.


Fridge trailer rental may be perfect for an NHS trust or private medical establishment that needs additional fridge hire space for a short to medium length of time.

Companies like Icecool Trailers work in partnership with several NHS trusts and provide emergency fridge trailer rental at any time, day or night.

If the refrigeration requirement is likely to be long term or permanent, then it is probable that the most cost effective option would be to choose a unit from the wide range of refrigerated trailers for sale.

Fridge hire or purchase will assist with storage of medicines which need to be kept in a cool environment so that the benefits are not compromised.

In a medical establishment in which new drugs are being trialed the existing controlled medications need to be stored separately to the new ones. This can mean that additional fridge space is vital and urgent.

Medical research involves analysing samples, blood work and examining tissue.

The sample must be preserved in the best possible state for accuracy but, as we know, resources are often strained and there will be a time delay between the specimen being taken and its analysis.

Without fridge trailer rental or refrigerated trailers for sale any specimens could be rendered useless by being exposed to heat sources. This could be the difference between life and death.

Fridge hire and purchasable units are available at competitive rates so don’t let apathy or an unwillingness to spend from a budget deter you.

Fridge hire aids your catering or event hosting business, maximises health care and delivers peace of mind to you, consumers and patients.