What to Do When You Fall in Public

What to Do When You Fall in Public

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Too often, people who fall in a public place respond with embarrassment. They assume that they were being clumsy and missed a step. A fall can occur inside or outside of a business without any idea that it is going to happen. It may come from slipping on a wet or soiled floor, improper flooring, or neglected materials that are no longer capable of providing support. Attkisson Law Firm explains that premise liability means that owners are generally liable whenever they allow a hazardous situation to arise on their property.

When a person falls, the last thought on their mind may be premise liability and the obligation of the business to keep them safe. Like any other type of liability, that of premise liability is to provide the necessary maintenance, cleaning, and security to keep customers safe.

-The first thing you should do when you fall at a business or on any type of commercial property is to observe the area where the fall took place. If there was snow in the parking lot, discovering the culprit is easy. There may be other types of spills or conditions that made the surface slippery and unsafe.

-If you are one of the many people who carry cell phones today, take pictures of the area and what you identify as the cause of the fall. If you have obvious signs of an injury, take pics of those as well. Any indication to your clothing or body that is evidence to the fall should be photographed.

-Next, find out if anyone else saw you fall. Get the names and addresses of as many witnesses to the fall as possible.

-Even if an employee offers to help, ask to speak with a manager or other supervisor. Many businesses have policies for filing accident reports and you will want yours completed accurately. Without an accident report, the store can claim that you were injured somewhere else or that you weren’t injured at all.

-Get medical help. Those minor aches and pains that you feel today could turn out to be something more serious later on. Explain to the doctor that you see how the accident occurred and the symptoms you have been experiencing. Sprained muscles, fractures, head injuries, and spinal injuries are just some of the more common injuries that can result from falls. Some may cause short-term problems while others may be long-lasting. You will need to establish a medical record that will accurately represent the extent of the damage caused by the fall.

-The laws governing personal injury claims are complex and often misleading to the accident victim. If you are unsure whether you have a valid claim for premise liability, the next logical step to take is to get the advice of an experienced attorney who has handled many cases similar to yours. The point of a premise liability lawsuit is to get compensation to cover medical expenses, missed wages, and other financial obligations that have resulted from the accident victim’s injury and the best way to accomplish this is by following this process and getting experienced legal advice.

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