10 Best Garlic Paste Substitutes – Best

Garlic paste is a common ingredient in Indian cooking, but once you try it, chances are you’ll want to use it for many other dishes as well.

This paste can add a lot of flavor to many dishes, from curries and stir-fries to soups, pastas and meats. It is often used in conjunction with ginger paste, as the two combine to impart a delicious umami flavor to your food.

If you don’t have garlic paste, you can successfully use minced garlic, garlic powder, garlic flakes, green garlic, dried garlic or the one of the following options.

The best substitutes for garlic paste

You can use one of the following substitutes if you don’t have garlic paste. However, we recommend that you taste your food as it cooks to ensure you get the flavor you are looking for.

1. Freshly chopped garlic

The best garlic paste substitute you can use is freshly chopped garlic. Add this ingredient to any food that calls for garlic paste and you’ll get a very similar taste.

You can buy minced garlic or you can mince it at home. It is a common ingredient in supermarkets and its price is quite cheap.

2. Garlic powder

garlic powder

Another suitable alternative to garlic paste is garlic powder.

The powder comes in a finer form that can dissolve much faster in your dish while cooking. However, the garlic flavor remains. Use as much garlic powder as you would use garlic paste.

This substitute works great in curries, stir fries, salads or as a seasoning in stews, soups or other sauces. You can find this alternative in almost any store at a reasonable price. It is very useful to use in any type of recipe.

3. Garlic flakes

Garlic flakes

This product is very similar to minced garlic. You can use it the same way instead of garlic paste. Garlic flakes are larger than minced garlic and don’t dissolve as easily.

This alternative is best used in cooked dishes, as the heat enhances the flavor of the garlic. In terms of quantity, you will have to follow your preferences.

You can start by replacing a teaspoon of garlic paste with a teaspoon of garlic flakes and decide if you need to add more of this ingredient.

4. Green garlic

green garlic

Green garlic is a seasonal option that you will find in some countries, especially in spring and early summer. It’s a good substitute for garlic paste in terms of taste, but it will give your final dish a different texture and aesthetic.

Green garlic is often confused with green onion because the two ingredients are very similar. But once you try green garlic, you may learn that you prefer it in a variety of dishes.

Use it in the quantity you prefer and you can prepare the dish you want. Keep in mind that you need to chop the green garlic to get the size you need to add to your dish.

5. Dried garlic

This type of garlic can also add garlic flavor to your food, but you will need to adjust the amount to get the desired result.

It is not as strong as fresh garlic and certainly not as concentrated as garlic paste. So you’ll want to add more of this substitute if you want a stronger garlic flavor. The recommended ratio is two teaspoons of dried garlic for every teaspoon of garlic paste.

6. Mixed Spices

There are mixed spice packs on the market that will provide you with a variety of spices in no time, including garlic.

The garlic you find in these blends can come in dried, powdered, or minced form. If you find the right blend for your preferences, you may not need to add any other spice ingredients to your food because it will already taste great.

But you will most likely go through a number of these products until you find the right one for you and the dishes you want to prepare.

7. Onion powder

onion powder

Although there is a significant difference between garlic and onion, you will find that both vegetables are used to add a definite flavor to different dishes.

If you like onion and have it in powder form, it will look a lot like garlic paste in your diet. You can use chopped onion or dried onion. However, onion powder is easier to find than the rest of the alternatives.

Add as much onion powder to your dish as you like according to your own taste.

8. Wild garlic

Wild garlic resembles lettuce in that it comes in the form of green leaves. However, it tastes very similar to the garlic you are used to using in your dishes.

You can substitute your garlic paste for chopped wild garlic in any recipe. It goes very well in salads and cold dishes because it has a more pronounced taste in a raw form.

You will find it in many supermarkets, in the fresh vegetable section. And it could become one of the essentials in your kitchen.

9. Garlic sauce

garlic sauce

You can easily find garlic sauce in a wide variety of forms at your local stores. Some garlic sauces are flavored while others are plain, but all of them can be great substitutes for garlic paste.

Garlic sauce and garlic paste generally have a similar thick texture. However, the sauce is a little thinner than the pasta. Again, the texture also depends on the brand you buy.

Use the garlic sauce of your choice instead of the garlic paste in a 1:1 ratio. You can always add more if needed when adjusting the taste of your food.

10. Garlic sprouts

Like green garlic, garlic sprouts are also a good option to consider if you don’t have the garlic paste.

Garlic sprouts may be harder to find in the store, but you can also grow them in a pot at home. If you have garlic sprouts, you can use them in any type of recipe that calls for pasta.

You may need to use more garlic sprouts to achieve an intense garlic flavor similar to what the paste would give you. However, as long as you follow your preferences, you can’t go wrong with this substitute.

Is minced garlic the same as garlic paste?

Garlic mince has many similarities to garlic paste in taste and texture. However, they are not the same.

First of all, minced garlic is just garlic. Garlic paste, on the other hand, is a combination of garlic and other ingredients such as oil and salt.

So in the end you have a different texture and a different flavor in terms of intensity. But you can mix minced garlic and garlic paste without compromising your dishes.

How do you make garlic paste?

You can buy garlic paste in many supermarkets. Or you can do it at home effortlessly.

To make garlic paste at home, you will need one pound of garlic cloves and three tablespoons of oil. You can add a pinch of salt or additional flavor and any oil you like. Avocado oil or olive oil is usually the best option for a garlic paste.

All you have to do is peel the garlic and add it to a blender or food processor along with the oil and a little salt. Mix until you get a paste consistency.

You can store this garlic paste in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.


Garlic paste is a wonderful ingredient to add to your dishes and can really make a difference in the final taste. And if you don’t have this spice, you can always use one of the alternatives in this guide.

However, since it’s easy to make garlic paste at home, we recommend trying the recipe as you might be surprised with the result.