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Chutney is a spicy or salty Indian condiment. It is a condiment made from fruits, vegetables and/or herbs, as well as vinegar, sugar and spices.

Mango chutney is a condiment made from sweet mangoes. It’s easy to do, but not all seasons are mango season! So if you’re craving a sweet condiment to pair with something spicy, what else can you do but look for alternatives?

The best substitutes for mango chutney are apricot jam, apricot jam, peach marmalade, peach jam, peach chutney, cranberry and lemon, fig jam, melon spices , green mango chutney and apple chutney.

Let’s talk about the different mango chutney alternatives and how to use them!

What is mango chutney?

Mango chutney is a condiment or preserve made from mangoes cooked with other ingredients such as apple, red pepper, sugar, onion, raisins, ginger, and sometimes garlic.

All ingredients are boiled together for some time until soft. It is actually an Indian condiment usually associated with savory or spicy dishes. It is an easy recipe to prepare and can be served with chicken, lamb and steak. You can also use it as a spread or marmalade.

Best Substitutes for Mango Chutney

The recipe for mango chutney is quite simple. However, mangoes are not available every season. You can usually find ripe mangoes in the summer. And it’s not everywhere either.

So if you’re craving mango chutney and you’re out of mangoes, here’s a list of alternatives you can use.

1. Apricot jam

Apricot jam is easy to make at home. They are best suited for mango chutney because their texture and taste are interchangeable. Like mangoes, an apricot’s taste can range from tart to sweet, and they taste very similar to mangoes.

If you make them at home, adjust the flavor of the jam as needed. To make apricot jam, you will need apricots, sugar, fresh lemon juice and salt. Then follow these steps:

  • Boil all the ingredients and reduce the heat to low.
  • Simmer the mixture until it becomes like jam.

Additionally, if you are feeling adventurous, you can also add salt and spices to your apricot jam. This gives it a chutney-like taste.

2. Apricot jam

apricot jam

Like apricot jam, apricot jam is also one of the best substitutes for mango chutney. This is mainly due to the similarities that apricots have with mangoes.

The only difference between canned apricots and apricot jam is that jam contains fruit pieces while jam consists of fruit puree.

Making apricot jam is also easy. It has pretty much the same ingredients and steps as apricot jam. If you are in a bit of a hurry, you can always buy the jam at the store.

Apricot jam or preserves are good substitutes for mango chutney when preparing chicken or fish dishes. They can also be substituted in sweet desserts.

If you find the apricot jam too sweet, you can add vinegar or lemon juice to make it more tart. You can also add sugar to balance the taste.

3. Fig jam

Fig jam is another good alternative to mango chutney. You can also make it at home and adjust the flavor to your liking.

It is very easy to make fig jam. Here’s what to do:

  • Simmer the figs in a saucepan until tender.
  • Then add sugar and lemon juice according to your taste. Cook until it resembles jam.
  • Store it in a clean mason jar or other container with jam.

You should add the sugar depending on the ripeness and sweetness of the fig. If the fig is sweet, add less sugar and more lemon juice and vice versa.

Fig jam can replace mango chutney in dishes that call for a little sweetness because it is super sweet. You can use it in curries, sauces, etc.

4. Peach Jam

Peaches look like apricots, so they look like mangoes. And like mangoes, peaches are sweet and have a similar texture.

So a peach jam would taste sweet like a mango chutney. You only need three ingredients to make peach jam. Peaches, lemon juice and white sugar. Then follow these steps:

  • Boil the peaches and peel them.
  • Remove the pits and place the peach and lemon juice in a jar. Cook for about 15 minutes until the juices are released.
  • Stir regularly and add the sugar. Stir until dissolved.

If it’s too sweet, add vinegar or lemon juice and salt to improve the taste. Peach jam can replace mango chutney as a spread or can be used with cheese.

5. Cranberries (with lemons)


Cranberries can be sweet or sour. They are also a good alternative to mango chutney, but are relatively less sweet. In addition, they have a slightly sour taste.

But there is a simple solution to this problem. You can make them taste like mango chutney by cooking them. If you are using cranberries as a substitute, you will need to boil them and add sugar. Then add the lemon juice.

This will balance the sweet and sour taste. You can also add red chilli, garlic, ginger, spices and herbs for a more intense flavor.

If it is still spicy, add honey or sugar. You can especially use this cranberry sauce with red meat dishes instead of mango chutney.

6. Nectarine (with lemon)


Nectarine is a fruit that looks a lot like peaches.

This is a type of peach that can be cooked in the same way as peach jam. Just add a little lemon juice while cooking as they are very sweet.

7. Peach Chutney

If you are using the peach as a substitute for mango chutney, you can also use it as a chutney or marmalade in addition to jam. Like any jam, you can make peach chutney at home. This way you can add more or less ingredients according to your own preferences.

You will need peaches, sugar, white vinegar, ginger, onions and mustard to make peach chutney at home. If you want to add a little extra flavor, try garlic, raisins, or red pepper flakes.

Then follow these steps to prepare the peach chutney:

  • Boil all the ingredients together over medium heat.
  • Once all the ingredients have simmered and thickened, store them in clean glass jars.

You can also use peach marmalade. However, it won’t be as sweet as the mango. So you can add more sugar while cooking. Peach chutney can replace mango chutney in the preparation of duck. Or you can serve it with cheese.

8. Melon Chutney

Melon chutney is little known because we have never heard of it. However, it will be a delicious alternative to mango chutney.

You can also do it at home. Cantaloupe is also easy to cook, making it creamier than mango chutney.

Melon chutney is made with melons, cinnamon, vinegar, apples, sugar, garlic, onions and red pepper. Simply cook until you get a nice smooth consistency, then store the chutney in a jar.

Use melon chutney instead of mango chutney with foods as salty as red meat.

9. Green mango chutney

If you’re not a fan of sweet mangoes, opt for unripe ones. Green mango chutney is similar to mango chutney except that it is made from unripe mango.

They are firmer than a ripe mango and also more acidic. You can use green mango chutney to coat your steak and chew it more firmly. You can also add mustard or other spices to spice up the chutney.

10. Apple Chutney


Just like peaches, apples can also be made into chutney.

Apple chutney is sweeter than mango chutney. It doesn’t have that spicy taste like mango chutney. And if they were green apples, they would taste bitter.

The only thing that would help is heat or spice, since apple chutney is full of spices like ginger and cumin.

You can buy a ready-made chutney. You can also make one at home by carefully slicing your apples and cooking them with sugar, lemon and spices.

What can I substitute for mango curry chutney?

If a curry calls for mango chutney but you don’t have any in stock, the best substitute is:

  • Jam or jam from apricots. They taste similar to mangoes.
  • Chutney or peach marmalade. They also have a similar taste and texture.
  • Green mango chutney. They are the same except for acidity and sharpness.
  • Major Grey’s chutney. it contains the ingredient mango and can replace any other chutney.

Is major gray chutney the same as mango chutney?

Major Gray’s Chutney was created in the 19th century by a British Army officer of the same name. It contains ingredients such as mango, raisins, vinegar, onion, lime juice, sweeteners, spices, and tamarind extract.

You cannot consider it as mango chutney because of its milder taste compared to the tangy taste of mango chutney. However, it can be replaced with mango chutney.

There is also a great gray version of mango chutney called Sharwood Mango Chutney.

related questions

Can I use honey instead of mango chutney?

Mango chutney is relatively sweet, so using honey is fine if you don’t mind the sweetness. We recommend using one of the other alternatives mentioned in this article.

What can be used as a substitute for chutney?

The best substitutes for chutney are mango salsa, marmalade, fig jam or Mostarda di-Cremona, an Italian-style chutney.

How to replace mango in a recipe?

You can replace the mango with different fruits. The best substitutes are apricots and peaches, as they have a similar taste and texture.