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There’s no problem in the world that can’t be solved with good comfort food. A bad day, a frustrated mood or an argument with a loved one – all of this can be resolved with a conversation over a delicious hot meal.

People all over the world are connected by the fact that food makes us all happy. However, have you ever wondered what is the most consumed food in the world?

We have an abundance of varied dishes, but there is a common ground on which we unite. Wherever you go in the world, the following list of foods will ensure you never have the option of not eating.

The most consumed food in the world

That’s why we present to you the top 10 most consumed foods in the world.

1. Rice

This may not have come as a surprise to some, as rice is the most common food in Asia and is native to the largest continent.

According to National Geographic, it is a staple food for about 3.5 billion people worldwide. That’s almost half of the inhabitants of the Earth!

Being a fairly easy crop to grow, rice is grown on every continent except Antarctica.

The American Rice Farmers Association has calculated that people in Asia, the largest rice-consuming continent, eat an average of up to 300 kilograms of rice per year.

Rice also has cultural value in Asian countries. Traditional dishes such as sushi, rice cakes, and onigiri all require rice to complement them.

With the nutritious, healthy and versatile value of this crop, it’s no wonder the world loves it!

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2 eggs

seasonal eggs

You’ve probably never been to a place where you can’t find eggs.

They are produced in so many days that it is almost impossible to calculate the exact number. Although on average it can be anywhere from a million tons to a trillion eggs!

Eggs can be cooked in a specific way for each meal of the day and are convenient to keep around the house. People use eggs as a source of protein and make many baked goods.

Because of the healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins it contains, people even use eggs as face masks and hair masks. They are even good for your eyes.

The best part? You can cook eggs in different ways! You can boil them, fry them, or even mash them when making an omelet – you’ll still get scrambled eggs!

Eggs are therefore one of the most consumed foods on this planet.

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3. Chicken

Chicken Breast vs Tenderloin

Current research shows that chicken is the most consumed meat in the world.

It is much cheaper and easier to add to a dish than other meats. It even tops the polls when it comes to the most consumed meat.

Chicken is also healthier than red meat and is an excellent source of protein.

Chicken soup is the most common home remedy for fever, and even popular food chains like KFC have based their entire franchise on it!

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4. Pasta

Rotini pasta

In 2011, a global survey by the charity Oxfam declared pasta to be the most popular dish in the world. It even beat the rice!

This Italian dish has found its way into the hearts and stomachs of many people around the world and is one of the most globalized dishes.

Contrary to popular belief, evidence of pasta consumption dates back to 5000 BC. This popular dish has been around for so long.

With its ease of preparation and variety of shapes and sizes, pasta is a fun dish that people all over the world love to eat.

According to a survey conducted in 17 countries by British charity Oxfam, pasta has been voted the world’s favorite food.

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5. Bread

On average, 12 billion sandwiches are eaten in the UK every year. This means that they consume 389 sandwiches per second.

Can you imagine the amount of bread needed to make all these sandwiches? Germany alone has 1,300 ways to make bread and is the world’s largest consumer.

It may be a popular breakfast food, but it’s also important in Christianity, making it a very popular food. At some point in history, before erasers were invented, bread was even used to correct writing mistakes!

Today, bread is eaten as toast, sandwiches, and even breadcrumbs can be used to make crusts and sauces. Being a good source of dietary fiber and minerals, adding bread to your diet is always a tasty and healthy choice.

6. Potatoes

Potatoes are perhaps the most versatile vegetable you can think of.

It’s made in so many different ways, including mashed, deep-fried, fried, boiled – you could call it veggie eggs.

According to a recent searches of 2019 by the USDA’s Economic Research Service, potatoes have been ranked as the most widely produced vegetable for food consumption.

More than a billion people around the world eat potatoes in various forms. It’s so easy to grow that, fun fact, it was the first vegetable to be grown in space!

The long shelf life, the 4000 varieties and the fact that it can be used both as a side dish and as a stand-alone dish, make the potato one of the most consumed foods in the world.

7. Pizza


Italians eat well, because in addition to pasta, pizza is also one of the most consumed dishes in the world!

The dish is so beloved and popular that 13% of Americans eat pizza daily, consuming an average of 350 slices per second. That’s 100 acres of pizza in one day!

Pizza was once known as “poor man’s food” due to the quick and easy preparation of the toppings on the bread.

Today it is loved and consumed by the whole world and as a treat for children. It would be a lie to say that someone’s face doesn’t light up at the thought of a meal.

8. Apples

Fuji apple

The apple is one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world.

A significant number of 7500 varieties of apples are grown in the world. And 100 varieties are grown commercially in the United States. It’s a popular snack due to its well-known health benefits, as an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

It is very nutritious and eating it may reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. They improve gut and brain health and even help with weight loss.

Since apples account for half of the world’s production of deciduous fruit trees, they are one of the most consumed fruits in the world. Apples can be eaten as a healthy snack. Or can be made into treats, puddings, pies and delicious sweets.

9. Soup

One of the most consumed foods in the world is the good old soup. Because it is extremely easy to prepare, it can be found in a variety of forms around the world, including cold, in broth, stew, goulash, and canned.

As all you need is some spices (salt, anyway), water and some veggies, it’s something even a poor guy can make relatively.

Americans eat more than 10 billion bowls of soup every year, and their favorite variety is chicken noodle soup. The beauty of soup is that when canned, the nutrients are retained as such on the day, even after a year.

With its high nutrient and water content, it is the best remedy for general illnesses, which is why it is so popular around the world.

10. Ice cream

soft ice cream

Ice cream is a popular dessert around the world and is enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Being a sweet dish with multiple flavors, the annual global consumption of ice cream is estimated at 15.4 billion liters, vanilla being the most popular!

With changing times, the ice has also developed at its own pace. These days, it comes in rolls, scones, wraps, and even baked!

The trend of natural flavors has also taken over, you can even find avocado and garlic ice cream.

The frozen summer treat is said to still be in the refrigerators of 98% of American households, so it’s understandable why it’s one of the most consumed foods in the world.

World famous food by country

World famous food by country

related questions

What is the most consumed food in America?

According to market research site YouGov, the most consumed food in the United States is a strong connection between mashed potatoes and french fries. Both won against other food items with a score of 84%.

Is rice the most consumed food in the world?

Rice is the most consumed food in the world. More than 3.5 billion people around the world consume it as a main course. Especially in parts of Asia, Latin America and South Africa.

Final Thoughts

If this list surprised you, an additional fun fact about food in the world is that Chinese cuisine is the most globalized cuisine in the world.

Be sure to respect cooking beyond your own culture and allow yourself to have fun trying new things. Once you learn to like different foods, traveling and experiencing things can become a fun hobby to pursue!