3 tips for splitting the flat share costs as fairly as possible

3 tips for splitting the flat share costs as fairly as possible

1. Go by income

When it comes to a fair allocation of costs, you should definitely take your income into account. Even if this is at first glance disadvantageous for the higher earners in your flat share, everyone brings in the same percentage this way.

However, in order to be able to share the shared flat costs fairly in this way, it is an essential prerequisite that everyone in your shared flat earns some kind of money. If one of you is simply lazy and works significantly less than he actually could, the fair cost allocation in your shared flat is gone. With such a division, therefore, determine that everyone must work to the best of their ability and ability and make the financial contribution they can in this way.

2. Plan purchases or buy separately

When it comes to being able to share flat share costs fairly, purchases play an important role. How the consumption of food is handled varies greatly depending on the background and organization of the flat share. While some flat-sharing communities handle things in such a way that everyone buys and prepares their own groceries from the moment they move in, others are less organized. In such constellations, everyone goes shopping when they feel like it and everyone can eat what they want. Even if living together in this way seems uncomplicated and pleasant, it is still disadvantageous when it comes to the topic of “dividing flat share costs fairly”.

If you want to share your shopping expenses fairly, you should try to split the groceries and purchases. Cooking together can still be realized if everyone contributes ingredients or at least a little work.

If you can’t make that happen, you should try to plan your purchases better. For example, make a list of the food you need once a week and calculate the approximate cost. In order to be able to distribute flat share costs fairly here, divide them by the number of residents or have all flat share members contribute according to their income.

3. Calculate housing costs by the number of square meters

Even if most flat shares already handle it in such a way that rent contributions and contributions to the additional costs are distributed according to the ratio of the square meters of the individual rooms, such an approach is not a matter of course in all flat shares.

Dividing shared flat costs fairly is only possible if this aspect is also taken into account. Determine the number of square meters in your room (it says so in the rental agreement, for example, or simply measure the room). Then use the measured values ​​to calculate the share of the rent and ancillary costs that each flatmate has to pay.

Dividing by the number of occupants is not fair if the rooms are unequal in size. This is because someone pays more money for the extrapolated same area.

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