4 tips for more storage space on your computer

Is your computer getting slower and slower and the memory starting to fill up? Then it’s time to do a major cleaning. By following the 4 tips below you can give your computer a necessary update and provide more storage space.

1. Remove unnecessary programs

When you buy a new computer, chances are that there are programs on it that you don’t need. You can call up a list of all installed programs via the control panel. What’s useful about this list is that you can see when you last opened the programs. Are there any programs you don’t or hardly use? Then it is useful to remove these programs and make room for other programs and/or documents.

2. Delete old documents

Do you work a lot with your computer or have you owned your computer for a number of years? Then the computer is probably full of a large number of documents and images. A full memory can, among other things, cause the computer to run very slowly. We therefore recommend that you do a major cleaning once or twice a year. Decide which documents you want to keep and which can be deleted. It is also useful to distinguish between documents that you want to keep on your computer and documents that can be saved on a USB stick.

3. Use cleaning software

In addition to removing unnecessary programs and documents, you can also use special cleaning software. Cleaning software cleans up temporary files and little-used programs. Good to remember: always make a backup before you get started with this kind of software. This prevents you from losing important programs and documents.

4. Expand your working memory

Have you followed the tips above but are you still short on storage space? Then consider expanding the RAM of your computer or laptop. You can do this, for example, by SSD (Solid State Drive) to be built in.

A solid state drive is a digital storage medium that uses memory such as flash or SDRAM. You can both expand or replace your hard drive with an SSD. Replacing the hard drive with an SSD has many advantages: an SSD is faster, more energy-efficient and offers more storage space.

Good luck creating more storage space for your computer!

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