5 tips for the perfect birthday invitation

5 tips for the perfect birthday invitation

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a round, half-round or other birthday, every cradle party can be properly celebrated. The ideas and wishes of the birthday child are decisive for a successful celebration. A small but lovingly prepared celebration at home can be just as resounding a success as a big party. Anything is possible on a birthday. With the following 5 tips, the Professionals from Meine-Kartemanufakturhow beautiful and at the same time informative birthday invitations succeed.

Tip 1: the form of the invitation – classic or creative

The best known and most used type of birthday invitation is the card. As a postcard format or DIN A6 folding card, it provides enough space for important information and a beautiful design. At the same time it is handy. The DIN-long format is also very popular and offers many opportunities to use text and design to arouse interest in the upcoming celebration.

Anyone who is open to the unusual and would like to try something different has countless options. For example, the following items can be designed as invitations:

  • bottle labels
  • coaster
  • balloons

There are no limits for your creativity. The products mentioned are wonderfully suitable as alternatives to the classic card.

There are special suppliers for invitation balloons who also have items made of natural latex on offer. These are environmentally friendly due to their complete compostability. The invitation text for friends and relatives can be printed directly on the balloon.

If your birthday party has a certain motto, you can already pick this up in the form of the invitation. Are you a person who loves to travel and would you like to have the theme of a South Seas dream for your party? Then design the invitation like a flight ticket. Would you like to offer your birthday guests an unforgettable experience and invite them to a stand-up paddling course? Then an invitation in the form of a small SUP board is a good idea. The imagination knows no limits.

Another idea is to roll up the described invitation paper and then place it in a small invitation box. If a particularly high-quality type of paper is used for the document, it is perfect for elegant celebrations.

Tip 2: important information

The be-all and end-all of any birthday invitation is the key information your guests need to be in the right place at the right time. You should clearly and prominently place information about the date, time and place in the invitation.

Most adult birthday parties are planned with no set end. However, if you are inviting to an event that has a fixed time frame, be sure to state this in advance. Then mention, for example, that the stand-up paddling course lasts from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and is then invited to celebrate in the beer garden.

If your guests need specific clothing such as bathing suits, something warm for the evening or if a dress code is even expected, please mention this as well. love that Munich Oktoberfest and would like to adapt your celebration thematically, let your guests know that you like to be seen in a dirndl and lederhosen. If you invite to a restaurant of high standard, the invitees should appear in formal attire.

Also keep in mind that your celebration could take place in a place that not all of your guests know. In this case, add directions. A sketch of the route is also helpful.

After receiving the invitation, your guests will probably be wondering what gift to get. Make it easy for your family and friends by communicating gift ideas in your invitation. Tell me honestly if you are already perfectly happy, but would appreciate a contribution to the travel fund for your next vacation.

Tip 3: a harmonious design

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a beautiful birthday invitation. If you have beautiful handwriting, you can get invitation cards with a beautiful cover photo and write the entire text by hand. It is important to ensure that the information on the date, time and place is legible. The pen used should not smudge.

If your handwriting is not an eye-catcher, then look around the internet for customizable templates. There are various providers who specialize in invitations of all kinds. The designs can be personalised. If you like, you can add pictures, symbols, gold or silver embossing. The text can also be customized. If you like the birthday invitation you designed yourself, it will be commissioned. The cards arrive at home within a few working days after printing. You can usually order the matching envelopes at the same time. Of course, you can also become artistically creative yourself and make your very own invitation.

As a rule, it is advisable to limit yourself to three colors that harmonize with each other. This makes it possible to achieve a pleasant picture. Too colorful a design is often too much of a good thing and can distract your guest from the important information. In addition, a map that is too colorful can quickly become confusing.

If you want, you can draw a drawing on the front. Alternatively, you can stick on a picture or portrait of yourself or place large lettering. The front page should arouse interest in reading the invitation and of course the festival itself. Subsequent pages then contain the invitation text. If you take up the colors or elements used on the title page again in a reduced form, you get a nice overall picture. The different sides appear to be of one piece.

Tip 4: a well-formulated text

The same applies to the text as to the visual design. If you like to write and can formulate well, go ahead! Write your very own invitation text. But if the words just don’t want to come, don’t torture yourself. Again, there are plenty of templates on the Internet that you only have to adapt to your liking.

Think of a combination of both, get inspiration from different places and then take action yourself. If you don’t know how to get started, suitable quotes are a good place to start: the range is huge, from philosophical to funny to wise.

In any case, the reason for the celebration – your birthday – should be clearly stated. Whether you mention the number of your anniversary, maybe even emphasize it or not, is entirely up to you. Less is more: Your invitation doesn’t have to include a novel. On the contrary, the reader will be happy about an appropriately long, politely or amusingly worded text, which also gives him all the necessary information. The rule of thumb for a classic DIN A6 folding card is: one side can be filled with text or the text is spread over the two inside pages, leaving more free space overall, which is very pleasant for the eye.

If you would like your guests to give you feedback about their coming by a certain date, add this at the end of the invitation or on the back. This is especially important if you are celebrating in a café or restaurant and the number of guests affects the meal planning.

Make sure that the font color has a sufficiently high contrast to the background. Black, dark gray or blue pens on a light background work best.

Tip 5: the right paper or material

An often underestimated factor is the paper. Make your birthday invitation something special and choose a high-quality and stable type of paper. So that your invitation doesn’t get dog-eared during transport or when looking at it, it is advisable to use a slightly thicker grammage. It should be at least 250 g/m². Such material can be obtained both in stationery stores and online from the relevant suppliers.

There are many types of paper. From glossy to structured to grass paper, everything is included. A bold yet pleasing feel is a fantastic way to give your invitation that extra wow factor.

If you have decided on an extraordinary alternative to classic card paper, make sure that the material used is easy to write on. For example, special acrylic paints are very suitable for wood.

Whatever the choice, a beautifully prepared invitation with all the necessary information increases the anticipation of the upcoming festival.

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