6 practical tips: printer fleet in small and medium-sized companies


6 practical tips: printer fleet in small and medium-sized companies

  • Administrative management of the printer fleet

In small and medium-sized companies, there should be one contact person who takes care of and manages the printer fleet. This administrator has a variety of different tasks. First and foremost, however, he takes care of the maintenance of the devices.

Maintenance is safest and most effective when the relevant contact person is located directly on site in the company. The more printers a company acquires, the more complex the task becomes, especially when the printers have to be set up manually.

However, with certain management tools, the printers can also be maintained remotely. There is a variety of software from developers that administrators can use to define network printers, make security settings, or install updates and drivers for the printers. The entire fleet can then be managed and maintained remotely from a central point.

  • Workplace printer or department printer?

It’s an important question that needs to be answered in your company: Do you set up a printer for each employee or does a department or even the entire company share a network printer? Especially at the beginning of a company, when only a few employees work here, it is perhaps even easier to provide a printer for each person.

However, if the company continues to grow, the acquisition costs are simply too high. You will also have maintenance costs and other fixed costs such as toner and paper. As a result, with every printer you buy, these costs increase. Of course, the number of printers in the company also depends on how much is actually printed.

A network printer is therefore the solution that saves the most resources. Especially in small and medium-sized companies should this device be space-saving and ideally fulfill several functions. The print quality must be of high quality, especially for companies, and must be based on the purpose.

  • Choose consistent printers for the company

When stocking up on printers for your fleet, you should make sure that you choose models that are as consistent as possible. This saves you stress and frustration when the devices have to be repaired or consumables have to be replaced. In this way, spare parts for different devices do not have to be kept in stock. Even with repairs, you only have one contact person.

For the employees and the administrator, this has the advantage that they no longer have to deal with several different printers. You go to any printer in the company and you know directly how it works. This saves time, which in turn has a positive effect on efficiency.

  • Rely on high-quality accessories

Companies that pay attention to the quality of the printer and only buy the best often make the mistake of choosing poorer quality accessories because otherwise the fixed costs are too high in the long run. Companies do not necessarily have to choose between quality and price.

Especially with toner and printer cartridges you should not compromise here. For good print quality, it’s best to grab it Compatible toners and printer cartridges from the experts.

Of course, this also applies to spare parts and paper. For the sake of the environment, however, you should use recycled paper for the latter wherever possible. You can see that from the Blue Angel eco-label.

  • Savings tip for corporate printing

In addition to cheap but high-quality accessories, you can save on printing yourself. Set the printer to print in black and white. This allows for significant savings in printing costs. If you want to print in color, you can set up a special code.

If you use both sides of the paper, you can also reduce your paper consumption by 50 percent. You can find more useful information about printers and the like on the FairToner blog.

  • Printer fleet management apps

On the web you will find a variety of different software solutions that can help your company to manage the printer fleet. This can be used, for example, to enter the said code for color printing. You also keep track of the printed pages.

Documents can be printed securely via email or smartphone. If your company has a logo or watermark, you can add it directly to the printouts.


For small and medium-sized businesses, there are a number of points to consider when it comes to planning, setting up and managing the company’s printer fleet. Basically, fewer printers are more here. Ideally, you always use the same models to save stress and money. You also have other ways to save money, such as black and white printing.

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