a growing luxury market with strong potential

In a country that has 19 more millionaires every day, according to Forbes, luxury brands are positioning themselves to conquer this new Eldorado considered as the possible relay from China. However, the challenge is considerable in a country that has certain particularities…

The history of luxury

The luxury brands foreigners, Italian and French in the lead, began to take an interest in Brazil in the 1990s for the precursors. If Sao Paulo concentrates 70% of the Brazilian luxury marketbrands are now interested in Rio and Brasilia.

The malls, the Champs Elysées or Rodeo Drive in Brazil

Some brands have isolated shops, but the majority of them are grouped together in malls, these luxury shopping centers that become real places of life for the wealthiest populations. To avoid tropical rains, traffic jams and risks related to insecurity in particular, Brazilian consumers prefer these malls for their shopping, spend whole days there, do 1 hour of sport between 2 shops, have lunch and dinner there and meet there. Especially since these structures offer a multitude of services with concierge, valets, elevators so that customers spend as much time as possible there. The luxury brands have clearly understood where their interest lies and take advantage of the advantages made available to them to access a market which would otherwise require many more resources: tracking down new brands, free rental for the first few months, payment of no-delivery – door, assistance with setting up to counter the complexity of local taxation, etc.

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Consumption habits

The Hermès, Vuitton, Dior and other Louboutin have made their brazilian education to adapt to certain local habits: the sales assistants have their customers’ laptops which they deliver directly as soon as they receive the new collections and with whom they have lunch. The tailor-made service of very top of the line is preponderant here! And contrary to what we may know in our country, Brazilian women buy their Chanel bags on credit, not out of constraint but because it is part of their customs!


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The emerging Brazilian luxury

the luxury in brazil is overwhelmingly represented by western brands. Still few Brazilian names manage to impose themselves on the international scene. Let’s mention Osklen, founded in 1989, a chic sportswear brand that arouses the greed of LVMH or Kering, or H. Stern, which is the symbol of Brazilian jewelry.

The local Colette: Dona Coisa

The very chic Parisian concept store has its little brother in Rio, near the Botanical Garden. A cutting-edge selection of accessories, clothing and jewelery for lovers of new things, in a contemporary decor and punctuated by trendy events: Perrier and Studio Harcourt with its top-of-the-range photo booth were in the spotlight when we were there, the brands French as eternal luxury symbols


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