A milestone passed for “Henri”, the Atelier Emmaüs project!

The most beautiful adventures are those that seek themselves out, test themselves, evolve and go through stages. Jappuru is proud to participate in the advancement of the “Henri” small piece of furniture, this beautiful project which combines solidarity and design.

“Henri”, a design and contemporary piece of furniture

Drawn by professional designers, made from offcuts of wood panels recovered from the Emmaüs community, serving as a training course for companions, it is the first piece in the range of furniture from this new kind of publishing house. In addition to being pretty, it is contemporary, useful and finds its place everywhere in the house.

After confronting the public of Primevère lounge in Lyonto the Biennial of design in Saint-Etienne, “Henri” is now in the test phase. In four months, Henry has become big: its engraved finishes are elaborated, its new colors are chosen… And the small piece of furniture was recently laid bare during a qualitative group of potential targets to improve further!

“Henri”, a solidarity project

The good news keeps coming since an office development project for other Jappuru clients is underway, and we have also commissioned the designers to design a tailor-made project for our premises!

This beautiful project of the Social and Solidarity Economy is a nice encounter for Jappuru. So we continue to prepare the BtoC sales with the whole Atelier team, so that everyone can have Henri and his future variations at home very soon!