a versatile manual coffee machine

An efficient and stylish coffee machine, with a Next generation PIDs that fits your mastery of the art of coffee? This is what the manual espresso machine of the VIP Line range: the Lelit Grace.

Overview of this evolutionary espresso coffee machine ideal for those looking for a beautiful, efficient and compact first manual machine to discover espresso.

The strengths of the Lelit Grace

Lelit: a guarantee of quality

All espresso machines of the Lelit brand are handmade in Italy with quality materials from Italy or Europe. These machines are renowned for being quality, reliable and efficient coffee makers.

Moreover, the Lelit Grace, like all Lelit espresso machines, scalable or semi-pro, is tested twice on the production line before being boxed.

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The Lelit Grace coffee machine belongs to the VIP Line range. With this range, the Italian brand Lelit has revised its codes to offer a machine with a vintage but modern look, equipped with:

  • of Lelit Control Center electronic system to adjust the settings of your extractions;
  • of Lelit innovation with the filter holder Coffee Slide which brings a touch of elegance and facilitates the use of the portafilter.

With its retro look, this compact espresso machine is ideal for small spaces.

The most configurable


9.3/10Our rating

  • 57.35mm brass group
  • High resolution OLED graphic display with electronic management system (LCC)
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Backlit pressure gauge that controls coffee extraction pressure
  • Multidirectional steam nozzle with anti-scald handle
  • Portafilter with Coffee Slide spout
  • Stainless steel body
  • Compatible with coffee powder and paper pods

High-end components

This manual espresso machine offers premium components for learning and perfecting the art of coffee.

It all starts with the exterior of the Lelit Grace and its beautiful brushed stainless steel body which brings real elegance to this manual coffee machine. The grid and the water collection tray are also entirely in stainless steel to maintain the retro look of this model.

The quality of the components continues with the 57mm extraction group in diameter and the filter holder Coffee Slide Brass of professional quality which ensure good temperature stability.

The brass boiler of the Lelit Grace has a capacity of 250 ml and helps maintain a constant water temperature to facilitate coffee extraction. And you can preheat your cups on the cup warmer above the machine to avoid thermal shock during extraction.

On the pressure side, you can make sure that everything goes well when extracting your espresso thanks to the backlit manometer on the front with numbers to indicate the pressure, but also an optimal zone demarcated in green to locate you at a glance.

That scalable machine also allows you to take control of a multitude of settings thanks to its digital screen which houses the electronic control system LCC (Lelit Control Center). The LCC then allows you to control the functions of the machine, to modify its parameters and it also provides valuable advice to obtain an excellent result.

The LCC allows you to manage the different parameters of your machine such as:

  • adjust the boiler temperature (PID) and control the temperature of your extraction according to the coffee and its roast;
  • activate the pre-infusion and setting the duration of the programmable pre-infusion;
  • activate the standby function;
  • adjust the steam temperature;
  • use a stopwatch for coffee extraction;
  • access the partial and total dose counter;
  • be informed by an indicator when the water tank is almost empty.
Quality materials and premium components

A versatile coffee machine

The Lelit Grace was designed for those who want start in the art of espresso and play with the different parameters but also have an option of ease with the ESE pods.

The Lelit Grace machine is versatile and scalable since it comes with:

  • simple one and two cup filters to use freshly ground coffee (with a suitable espresso grinder);
  • and one filter for ESE podsvery practical for troubleshooting or offering a decaffeinated option to your guests.

The Lelit Grace can also appeal to latte art lovers who can practice creating beautiful milk froths thanks to the semi-professional stainless steel steam nozzle.

Cappuccino or latte, the multidirectional nozzle allows you to make all kinds of milk drinks. It also dispenses hot water.

Finally, you can extract your coffee directly into a mug with the Lelit Grace because the coffee group is higher than on the models of the “50s Line” range such as the Lelit Anita or the Lelit Glenda.

And for small espresso cups you can use the stainless steel cup booster supplied with this manual coffee machine.

Lelit Grace: an easy-to-use manual machine

Equipped with high-end components, and versatile, the Lelit Grace is no less very simple to use.

The Lelit Grace simply has three backlit stainless steel buttons on the front with easily readable pictograms:

  • one for coffee;
  • one for steam
  • and one for hot water.

Warm-up time is fast (allow about 3 minutes for a first espresso), but I advise you to wait 15 minutes to give the brass filter holder time to rise to the right temperature to obtain a perfect espresso.

The use of this Lelit coffee machine has been well thought out with a water collection tray that is very easy to remove to empty and clean it.

Thanks to the easy-to-use LCC system from the digital screen, you can play with the settings to learn all the subtleties of espresso extraction depending on the coffee you use.

Finally, this manual coffee machine is equipped with a 3-way solenoid valve which allows excess water to be evacuated in the filter holder at the end of extraction and to protect the machine in the event of overpressure.

It also means that you can do a Backflush (deep cleaning) to clean your machine. To do this, you will need to use a blind filter and a specialized espresso machine maintenance product.

Digital screen that houses the LCC electronic control system

To know

Choose a good grinder to accompany the Lelit Grace

The Lelit Grace allows you to use ESE pods, but you’ll clearly get the best results with freshly ground coffee from a grinder.

To accompany a machine like the Lelit Grace, I advise you to use a grinder with micrometric settings, equipped with flat grinding wheels ideal for espresso and with a minimum diameter of 50 mm for better regularity.

Here is a selection of mills that could perfectly complement the Lelit Grace:

What are the differences with the other model in the VIP Line range: the Lelit Victoria

The Lelit Victoria espresso machine is the superior model to the Lelit Grace, but what are the parameters that differentiate them?

The two models of the VIP Line range are equipped with the LCC as well as the filter holder specific to Lelit: the Coffee Slide.

The difference between these manual coffee machines is at the group level:

  • A group and filter holder of 57 mm for the Lelit Grace.
  • A 58 mm group and filter holder for the Lelit Victoria

On the other hand, the Lelit Victoria does not offer the use of an ESE filter, so the use of a grinder becomes mandatory.

Finally, it also has a larger boiler (300ml against 250ml for the Grace) for better temperature maintenance and a larger capacity for steam.

The Lelit Victoria is therefore less versatile than the Lelit Grace but it allows you to access semi-pro and pro accessories such as VST filters for optimal extraction.

It is important to choose a good grinder to accompany the Lelit Grace


What is the portafilter used for? coffee slide of Lelit?

The filter holder Coffee Slide from Lelit first of all offers a touch of elegance since it guides the coffee and makes it slide to the front of the filter holder and not to the side like most filter holders.

But beyond the aesthetic side, it allows to have a cleaner extraction and to keep a maximum of crema.

Finally, this design also makes it possible to dispense with your tamper station since you can place the filter holder directly on the worktop without risking damaging the spouts.

Personally, I find the tamping of my grind easier to achieve with a portafilter coffee slidebecause the portafilter is really flat when you put it on a work surface.

How many grams of coffee should I put in my portafilter?

For two cups of espresso, I advise you to put between 16 and 18 g of ground coffee in your filter.

The goal is to get 3 cl of liquid per cup in 25 seconds, but it also depends on your personal taste.

Is it possible to use higher-end filters than those supplied with the machine?

The Lelit Grace is equipped with a 57 mm group. You cannot therefore use competition filters with this machine (which are 58 mm).

To use this type of filter, you will have to turn to the superior model: the Lelit Victoria.

My review of the Lelit Grace espresso machine

Elegant, easy to use and versatile, the Lelit Grace is perfect if you are looking for a first manual espresso machine.

She can accompany you throughout your progress thanks to her filter for ESE pod and its simple filters.

the Lelit Control Center clearly makes a difference by allowing you to customize your drinks and manage your settings on its LED display.

The Lelit Grace is compact and scalable what makes it an espresso machine ideal for beginners. The high-end components and the ease of use of this manual machine will allow you to evolve in your practice and obtain beautiful results in a cup.