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In the land of bistros, coffee shops have managed to find a place for themselves on the French market and their number has multiplied in recent years. If it started with the famous franchise from the United States, the French have not said their last word!

They surfed on this new trend and French coffee shop signs have seen the day. This is particularly the case of the French Coffee Shop franchise.

Would you like to know more about this French coffee shop brand? You may be thinking about getting started as a French Coffee Shop franchisee?

Here’s everything you need to know!

French Coffee Shop: the French coffee shop

French Coffee Shop is a French coffee shop brand. For more than 20 years, it has offered its customers the opportunity to taste gourmet drinkshot and cold throughout France.

This coffee franchise is committed to serving quality, gourmet and generous products, to give each of its customers an exceptional moment, all in a warm and cozy setting.

The story of this coffee shop franchise

French Coffee Shop is a pioneer in the world of the coffee shop in France since the first point of sale was created 20 years ago! Upon returning from a stay in the United States, the two founders returned to France with the concept of the coffee shops they frequented there and the desire to introduce it to the French.

They opened their first establishment in 2002, in the seaside resort of Arcachon. They are keen to introduce people to this place and this way of consuming coffee, which was still little known to the French at the time.

In 2004, after 2 other openings in the city of Bordeaux, the franchise is a real success and supported by a partnership contract, it will open no less than 30 points of sale throughout the national territory in 2010!

The French Coffee Shop concept is a real success in France and the development of the franchise continues until reaching a fifty points of sale today.

The first French Coffee Shop was opened in 2002 by two French people who had returned from the United States.

The French Coffee Shop concept

The brand’s establishments stand out for their cozy atmosphere. The decoration and layout lend themselves to all consumption moments.

Whether it’s to take the time to read a book while drinking a hot drink, to have a good time with friends over a coffee or for a business meeting, customers can enjoy the cozy and warm setting.

True to the model of American coffee shops, French Coffee Shop establishments are continuously open. Customers can therefore choose to have breakfast, lunch or simply have a coffee or enjoy one of their pastries throughout the day.

The three main values ​​of this coffee shop franchise are:

  • Gluttony ;
  • Usability ;
  • and generosity.

These values ​​are reflected in the atmosphere as well as in the drinks served in the various French Coffee Shop outlets.

French Coffee Shop offers a menu of classic hot drinks (espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte, etc.) and gourmet drinks in hot or iced version. In terms of drinks, the brand has added Bubble Teas, smoothies, iced teas and even pressed fruit juices to its menu.

Finally, for gourmet breaks, French Coffee Shop offers a range of pastries (pastry, cookie, cheesecake muffin or donuts) and fast food for the savory side (croque monsieur, salty toast, hot dog, etc.). Everything can be consumed on site or to take away.

How to become a French Coffee Shop franchisee?

If you are interested in opening your own French Coffee Shop, know that the brand continues to develop and strengthen its presence in town centers and shopping centersin the heart of medium-sized provincial towns.

Here is some key information if you want to embark on the adventure:

  • Recommended minimum personal contribution: €50,000 excluding tax;
  • Entry fee: €15,000 excluding tax
  • Average investment (with terrace): 1350 HT / m2;
  • Ideal area for the premises: between 80 and 120 m2;
  • The activity of this coffee shop does not require extraction from the premises;
  • The French Coffee Shop franchise is established in territories with at least 15,000 inhabitants;
  • Duration of the franchise contract: 9 years;
  • Brand fee: 4% of turnover excluding tax and + 1% of communication turnover excluding tax.

The advantage of opening a franchise with French Coffee Shop is that the brand offers a real turnkey concept. It accompanies its franchisees from finding premises to obtaining financing. French Coffee Shop guides them throughout their opening project, including:

  • 2 weeks of initial training practice at the brand’s headquarters;
  • 1 week of assistance during the opening of the point of sale.

For become a French Coffee Shop franchiseethe sign does not require any particular experience: organization, rigor, commercial flair, managerial and managerial talents, but also creativity are nevertheless necessary.

To complete your application file and obtain all the information necessary to open a French Coffee Shop franchise, I invite you to go directly to the brand’s website, just here.

Gourmet drinks in hot or iced version are in high demand in the French Coffee Shop

French Coffee Shop: a concept with many advantages

French Coffee Shop is a leading brand in the coffee shop sector in France. If you are a motivated and competent candidate, you do not take many risks by opening this type of establishment which has the wind in its sails. And so you can realize your dream ofopen your coffee shop while being accompanied by a reliable and recognized brand.

In addition, the brand has recently begun a process of modernization. The brand, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has chosen to get a makeover through a complete rebranding. It now sports a new logo, more modern, more streamlined, but also more elaborate than the historic logo.

The graphic charter has also been redesigned in order to bring a whole new dynamic to the visual identity of French Coffee Shop. Now is the perfect time to join them!

To learn more about how to open a coffee shop, we invite you to read our article on this subject, just here.