Brazil, fertile territory for the beer market

Climate conducive to cold drinks, increase in purchasing power, the demand for beer extends to new consumers and the market is in full evolution. We explain everything to you immediately!

Beers in all sauces!

At any time of the day, in the bars and restaurants like at home, beer is everywhere. The shelves of hypermarkets are full of it, there is something for everyone and it is even consumed in sorbet! In Brazil, the world’s 4th largest beer brewer, the beer market is the most important of alcoholic beverages sector while the largest company in the country by value is Ambev Brewery. Consumption reaches approximately 60 liters per inhabitant per year. The favorite drink of Brazilians is mainly sold in 600ml bottles or 350ml cans.

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Market trends

  • There ” premiumization »

Thanks in particular to the increase in purchasing power in recent years, better quality and more expensive products are gaining market share. The specialty beer segment is growing, innovations are energizing the market, foreign and imported beers, Belgian for example, are attracting more and more people.

  • The microbrewery beers

In the same vein, craft beers meet the needs for difference of a not inconsiderable niche of consumers. Microbreweries are creating increasingly original products, based on coffee or brown sugar, for example.


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Marketing and advertising campaigns that compete in imagination

– In 2013, the Brazilian beer Skol showed how to recycle bottles and cans design objects so that men have a say in the decoration of apartments!

– The Focal brand proposed shortly before the World Cup that the round ball become a new god: online petition and legal surety helped create buzz around the brand.

– To promote user-friendliness, the Polar brand has recently developed a beer bottle cooler which cuts off all Wifi, 4G etc connection signals… a way of showing that a beer has the power to isolate social networks and avoid being tied to your smartphone.

– During the carnival of Rio, the Antarctica brand, official sponsor, has set up a unique metro turnstile that works with an empty beer can. A way to encourage people to return to the metro after having consumed alcohol and for the brand to show its commitment to combating certain effects of alcohol.