Build your own home: choose a prefabricated house or plan it yourself?

Build your own home: choose a prefabricated house or plan it yourself?

Prefabricated houses bring numerous advantages. They can be built particularly quickly and customized. They come in all imaginable sizes and styles and all services are provided from a single source. Clients should place great value on the greatest possible planning and reliability. Then they get prefabricated houses that are sustainable and retain their value.

Prefabricated houses offer enormous time savings

A big advantage of prefabricated houses is that they can be built in a very short time. This is because many components of the houses are not made locally, but are made in large factories. On the construction site they have to just put together and fused together will. From the ground-breaking ceremony to the turnkey handover, only a little time elapses.

This procedure also means that the prefabricated house can be built regardless of the weather. Classic houses are on drying times and good weather reliant. With a prefabricated house, on the other hand, it is possible to deliver the finished components and connect them directly to one another. This means that construction can continue even in winter and when temperatures are well below zero, so that the house will be ready at the desired time.

Prefabricated houses can be individualized

A prefabricated house is no longer an off-the-shelf home. Instead, the builders have the opportunity to express individual wishes and her own dream house to make it a reality. “Prefabricated house” does not mean that the building already exists and is only being set up, but that it is with it a certain type of construction meant. The components are not manufactured on site, but are already delivered to the construction site and assembled. In all these steps, the builders have the greatest possible freedom of choice and can plan many aspects of their home individually.

As a rule, the planning of a prefabricated house is carried out in the same way as a classic house. That means cooperating with an architect who looks which wishes can be realized for which budget. Builders can choose whether they want a house made of wood, stone or concrete and what they focus on in terms of insulation. You can also choose between different construction methods, including, for example, timber frame construction, timber skeleton construction and concrete element construction. The builders also have a free hand when it comes to the interior design of the prefabricated house, so that they can equip it according to their wishes.

Prefab homes come in all imaginable sizes and styles

Build your own home: choose a prefabricated house or plan it yourself?
Prefab homes of all sizes and styles can be built quickly, efficiently and sustainably.

Individual prefabricated houses sometimes differ significantly. There are prefabricated houses ranging from functionally furnished bungalows to luxurious villas in all imaginable sizes and shapes. The builders are therefore not limited to a specific style, but can put together their individual dream house. It is also no problem to build classic single-family houses and use the prefabricated house construction method for this.

Service from a single source vs. flexibility in the trades

If you opt for a prefabricated house, you get all the services from a single source. The individual components are perfectly matched to each other and can connected without complications will. The risk of planning errors is minimized and the individual service providers cooperate optimally. Thus, all measures mesh perfectly and the prefabricated house corresponds almost completely to the wishes and ideas of the builders.

Those who plan a house themselves, on the other hand, have the greatest possible flexibility at their disposal. So can the individual trades individually selected and coordinated will. Builders thus have the opportunity to take advantage of various discounts and special offers and to search for the cheapest providers. However, the task here is to coordinate the work of the individual crafts and to ensure that they result in a harmonious whole. This type of construction is therefore more complicated, takes more time and requires a great deal of organizational talent.

Rely on the greatest possible plannability

Anyone who decides on a prefabricated house relies on the greatest possible planning. There is a fixed price guarantee for many services, which the builders can refer to at any time. This is usually fixed for 12 months after the conclusion of the contract. This means that services cannot unexpectedly become more expensive and that incalculable price increases are to be expected. With classic construction methods, these often result from bad weather or other external factors. Being able to plan like this is worth a lot, both when designing the house and when negotiating a construction loan.

Prefabricated houses are extremely sustainable

It is important to many builders that their new home is as sustainable as possible. Prefabricated houses have a high energy balance. That’s because they’re over a thermally insulated, airtight building envelope available, which ensures optimal use of resources. Energy-saving houses in particular are very popular and their energy concepts are beneficial for both the wallet and the environment.

During construction can also be at maximum sustainability be valued. So by choosing from Wood as a natural raw material ensure that a prefabricated house can be easily recycled. This design also reduces CO2 emissions. This improves the ecological balance of a house and the builders can have a clear ecological conscience.

Stability of value is an important criterion

An important selection criterion for a house is its value retention. In the case of a prefabricated house, this is now more than 100 years, so that this design is on par with other designs. This longevity is achieved, among other things, by the strict monitoring of the quality of prefabricated houses. However, no matter how good the construction, it is essential to pay attention to excellent construction, maintenance and care.


If you want to have your own home available as quickly and efficiently as possible, a prefabricated house is the right choice. This construction is extreme efficient, plannable and sustainable. As with other houses, there is also the possibility with prefabricated houses to design them individually and to make your own dream house a reality.

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