Business trips during Corona: This is something to keep in mind

Business trips during Corona: This is something to keep in mind

Vaccination status often decisive

Corona has made it almost impossible to enter the USA in recent months. The US only reopened its borders to vacationers and business travelers in November 2021. Anyone who is currently planning a business trip to the USA should not only remember that visa, but also think about the entry requirements. Proof of vaccination must be presented for the business trip to the USA. Only those who have already been fully vaccinated for two weeks are immunized.

Entry into many countries is no longer possible without proof of vaccination. For a long time, only the presentation of the PCR test at airports and borders was required in order to be able to pass. However, in many countries, the PCR test is currently only seen as an add-on for vaccination or the status of recovery. Basically, the rule of thumb is that without 2G (and sometimes also 2G+) entry is denied.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should keep an eye on the entry restrictions of the respective country. These can be called up with just a few mouse clicks on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

Observe other rules

In many cases, just 2G and 2G+ is not enough. For example, if you start your business trip to Austria, you have to pay attention to a few things when you return home. If countries are classified as high-risk countries, until recently the quarantine had to be started on return. There may be changes at any time in relation to the uncertain situation. A negative PCR test must be presented upon entry.

Observe posting regulations

Anyone who sends their employees on business trips during the corona pandemic must also comply with the EU posting regulations, regardless of the entry regulations. This is about the advance notification of posting orders. Local labor regulations must be observed. Companies must take care of these regulations and the advance notification before the employee leaves.

secure accommodation

Due to the corona pandemic, it happens again and again in numerous countries lockdowns. This means that hotels and other overnight accommodations will also be closed. The business trip is quite difficult. Because many countries require that you present the hotel you will be staying in before you enter the country.

In order not to stand in front of closed hotel doors in the destination country, a hotel should be booked from home. Even in Corona times there are some hotels that have opened their doors to business travellers. However, the country-specific corona regulations must be observed here. It makes sense to familiarize yourself with these.

Does the business trip have to be?

Under the corona conditions, every company should ask itself whether the business trip is absolutely necessary or whether it could be postponed. The current risk of infection should always be kept in mind during business trips. Traveling abroad in particular involves enormous additional work and numerous preparations.

For business trips within Germany, the situation is a little easier. Missing travel regulations make business trips within Germany possible. Nevertheless, areas with high incidence numbers should be largely avoided in order not to have to take any risks.

Can the employee refuse to travel?

Of course, employees have the right to withdraw from the business trip. Especially if the business trip is planned in high-risk areas, there is a right to refuse. If the business trip could be postponed, there is a risk to their own health, and employees can plead that their own interests and health impairments are disregarded. If there are sanctions under labor law such as dismissal or warnings, employees can take action against them.


Corona has dominated our everyday life for more than 20 months. The economy and professional life are no exception. Business trips in particular have suffered greatly from the entry restrictions and conditions in the last 20 months. In many countries, entry is only possible with the presentation of a 2G certificate. Often a daily updated PCR test must also be submitted. Almost every country has different regulations. And these can change almost daily due to the Corona situation. Those who do not have to travel should postpone business trips as much as possible so as not to have to take any risks.

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