Career jump buyer: training and further education and chances of success

Career jump buyer: training and further education and chances of success

Those who can think analytically and work conscientiously have the essential prerequisites for this profession. Simple tasks such as reordering raw materials and materials are essential when profits are threatened by a stagnation in production. With the help of further training in purchasing you gain valuable know-how to practice this profession with passion. With a starting salary of between 2,500 and 3,000 euros and the varied range of tasks, it is not surprising that the job attracts buyers to interested parties.

Training buyers

More and more academics enjoy working as buyers. Due to the technical know-how about terms such as profit and loss, graduates of business administration have excellent opportunities for entry.

The well-founded understanding of complicated technical relationships also offers engineers, technicians and industrial engineers an attractive field of work in order to master strategic purchasing. This background proves to be very useful when purchasing technical systems and products.

Sectors that are looking for buyers

As a buyer, there are a number of sectors in companies that are suitable. Especially high job opportunities offer sectors such as production and plant and mechanical engineering. Logistics and the area of ​​Parma and Healthcare are considered to be interesting and challenging. Retail is a classic for buyers.

Technically experienced buyers with the appropriate educational background welcome employment in a company that works in the automotive and supplier industry, the metal industry or the electronics and high-tech industry. You are even in IT production welcome as a savvy buyer and finds an attractive job with a variety of tasks.

Tasks of a buyer

Irrespective of the industry in which a buyer gains a foothold, in addition to purchasing the appropriate materials, the main concern is the correct selection and assessment of potential suppliers and freight forwarders. Therefore, business administration is certainly an asset for an easier entry into the new field of work.

Analytical thinking and high communication skills are valuable when it comes to negotiating delivery terms, prices and contracts.

Entry opportunities for buyers

The buyer is a decisive factor for the economic success of the company. Successes such as low-energy transport, alternative raw materials or a cheap service contract save money for the company. The better you learn your craft, the more successful you can start as a buyer and also look forward to financially satisfactory prospects.

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