Copywriting – 7 tips for the perfect content

Copywriting – 7 tips for the perfect content

Does your online shop have too few clicks? Would you like to successfully sell your online course or coaching? But you are wondering how you can arouse the interest of potential customers to buy? The magic word is copywriting. With the right copywriting, you can create successful advertising texts for your target group. And then to persuade them to close or buy. Sounds good? Then we will show you what exactly copywriting is and what tips you can use to create your content. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a TV commercial, on the radio or on social media: the text plays the most important role! But not all text is the same; a distinction must be made between the individual media in order to achieve the desired effect. Depending on the medium – blogs, newsletters, Instagram, LinkedIn or advertising – the target group has different demands and needs.

What is copywriting?

The term “copywriting” means the professional creation of advertising texts. The word “Writing” means “to write” in the German translation. And the word “copy” is understood in the marketing world as text. This is how the word advertising text comes about. Through copywriting, you can quickly grow your email list, achieve your desired sales goals, or drive the necessary traffic to your site. How do you create such content? In principle, the AIDA formula can be applied:

  • Attention (Catch the attention of your target group)
  • Interest (Arouse the interest of your target group)
  • Desire (Build a desire for the product)
  • Action (speak a call to action)

With this formula you can quickly write convincing advertising texts, even as a beginner. Because this procedure can be applied to a wide variety of media. Whether social media ads, e-mail newsletters or landing pages.

With these 7 tips you create the perfect content

Tip 1: Know your target group

What does your dream customer want? Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and try to understand their problem. What drives your customer, what needs does he have and what are his goals? When you write content from the reader’s problem perspective, you gain attention by creating desire. You can create an avatar that represents the ideal customer. So you have your target group in front of you and can create targeted advertising texts.

Tip 2: Create attention

Attention is the prerequisite for your texts to be read. Basically, the readers have little time and just scroll quickly on the smartphone. What helps you to immediately draw attention to your text? So that the target person stops at your text. Bright colors or a direct address to the target group can be used here.

Tip 3: Don’t use jargon or superlatives

You want to be understood by your customers, right? Then make it easy for your target group. Don’t use technical language, just get to the point in a simple and understandable way. In addition, you should not use superlatives. A statement “We are the best.” is not a purchase criterion for the customer. Just as meaningless statements are “We are the fastest” or “highest quality”.

Tip 4: Arouse emotions

Purchase decisions are mostly triggered by emotions. Therefore, the goal of copywriting is to evoke emotions. Communicate to your dream customers that your offer will improve their living situation, their status will increase or their job opportunities will increase.

Tip 5: No hard sale

Who does not know it? The pushy attempt to sell products. That looks intimidating! Your customers probably don’t want to read how cool your products are either. They want to know the advantages and the greatest benefit of your offer in order to solve their problem. Show how your offer changes the lives of customers in a positive way.

Tip 6: Use concrete statements

Formulate concrete solutions. Blurry solutions tend to sound unprofessional and unconvincing. An example of this: Instead of “We will help you further.” use “We’ll get back to you within 6 hours with a non-binding offer.”. Your customer needs to know what benefit he gets from your offer and how his life changes as a result.

Tip 7: End with a call to action

Your goal is to motivate the customer to take action. Confidently ask your customer to take an action. This is called a call-to-action (CTA) and is a very good marketing tool. You can direct the reader to how to get your product or solve their problem. What should the customer do in the next step? Prompt him for an action.


Copywriting conveys clear messages and ensures that your texts are noticed by the target group. Whether on TV, radio or the World Wide Web. The success of your text can be determined or measured by the reactions of your customers. Copywriting can be learned, so there is one for every owner online business important to continue your education here.

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