Cordless lawn mower: This must be considered when buying

Cordless lawn mower: This must be considered when buying

The special feature of a cordless lawn mower

With a battery-powered lawn mower, lawns up to a size of up to 1000 square meters and more can be easily managed. In particular, mowing is simplified by cordless use of the lawnmower. This enables flexible and effective mowing. Another special feature of a battery-powered lawn mower is the background noise. While standard lawn mowers are often very loud, a cordless lawn mower is comparatively quiet, which means that mowing is also possible on public holidays, on Sundays or even on Sundays at rest times is possible.

Furthermore, the light weight speaks for the purchase of a cordless lawn mower. The lawnmower weighs significantly less than petrol-powered models. This is simply because the built-in battery pack is lighter compared to an internal combustion engine. The battery does not negatively affect the functionality in any way. On the contrary: Due to its lighter weight, it is considered extremely user-friendly. The performance is by no means inferior to that of conventional models, because cordless lawn mowers are available in 18 and 36 volt versions to offer the right balance between weight and performance for every user.

And if the battery is empty? With large garden plots, it can happen that the battery is empty while mowing. However, that is no cause for concern. When buying a cordless lawn mower, it is worth buying a replacement battery. These are not expensive and can ensure full performance of the lawn mower at all times.

But how much money can such a model cost? The battery-powered lawnmowers range between 400 and 1200 euros and are therefore relatively expensive to buy. However, since, unlike other models, no petrol is purchased, the follow-up costs are significantly lower. Quality should be paid for and this also applies to lawn mowers with battery operation.

The best models convince with these accessories

A lawnmower should not only be functional, but also efficient. Therefore, the quality of the mowing is particularly important to consider when purchasing. Both quality and quantity should be considered here. On the one hand the lawnmower should be fast and on the other hand it should mow precisely. To make this possible, care should be taken to ensure that the cutting surface of the lawnmower is wide. So you can mow faster.

In order to continue to get a precise result, it is necessary to pay attention to the timing of mowing. Cordless lawn mowers mow best when the cutting height of the lawn is about 3-5 centimeters. For an even more precise result, the best models allow the lawn mower to be adjusted to better adapt it to the cutting height.

Furthermore, the lawnmower should match your own garden area. As long as the garden is at ground level, there should be no problems. With a garden located on a slope, however, it is advisable to buy special accessories – including a wheel drive. This ensures efficient mowing even on steep slopes.

The larger the garden, the more green waste there is when mowing. If the garden is larger than 300 square meters, it is worth investing in a larger collection basket. This saves users having to attach and detach the collection basket to empty the green waste over and over again. With a larger collection basket, users can mow the entire garden in one go.

Depending on the model, the mulching function is either already integrated in the cordless lawn mower or can be purchased as an additional service. Especially the mulch function is worthwhile in summer. With this, the cut lawn can be used directly as fertilizer or can be processed into humus on the compost. In this way, the mowed lawn can even be “recycled”! An environmentally friendly mowing is so safe.

Finally, security can be gained with a battery indicator. This is not installed in every lawnmower and is therefore assigned to the additional accessories. With this, the battery status can be checked at any time. If the battery needs to be charged or changed, users can react directly.

Conclusion – flexible mowing with a cordless lawn mower

A cordless lawnmower guarantees quiet, flexible, odorless and environmentally friendly mowing! Gasoline smells when mowing the lawn are now history with such a model and the ears are also protected. Also, the nerves are no longer bare when mowing the lawn: There are no more twisted cables and the body of the lawn mower is easy to move thanks to its light weight.

A good area performance is also guaranteed by using a spare battery. However, an exact area performance per battery cannot be determined because all models are different. However, 500 to 800 square meters per battery can be quite possible and such a lawn mower is also suitable for large garden dreams.

With a battery-powered lawn mower, garden lovers can start straight away and beautify their own green space. The lawn mowers are ready to use and can be switched on and off at the touch of a button. To ensure the safety of fellow human beings and small children, it is also possible to buy models that are operated with a key. One thing is certain: a battery-powered lawnmower always impresses with its flexible use.

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