Creative print mailings generate interest

Creative print mailings generate interest

Recipients are very interested in personalized mailings with a high-quality design and the appropriate content. Anyone who picks up such a print mailing and deals with it also reads the content. This type of advertising is more authentic than online promotions for many products and services. Retail in particular is investing in this medium – according to Deutsche Post’s dialogue marketing monitor, it was around 3.6 billion euros in 2019.

Print mailings for customer loyalty and new customer acquisition

Creative print mailings are indispensable in the retention of existing customers and in the acquisition of new customers. Older target groups in particular trust printed advertising more than online advertising.

The advantages of creative print advertising:

  • More trustworthy and credible as an email
  • curiosity on the content of a self-mailer or a sealed envelope
  • Calm and relaxed situationbecause the recipient is at home in the usual environment
  • optics and haptics – Experience the advertising message with all your senses

Creatively designed print mailings that offer high-quality content inspire recipients because they offer real added value. The customer reads the mailing and, if interested, puts the printed product aside in order to pick it up again when the time comes. This often happens when beautiful finishes or special paper formats have been chosen for the mailing. Adding product samples, give-aways and personalized promotional gifts to the envelope will also attract additional attention. Here, too, there is something special that stands out.

Linking print mailings to the digital world

Use QR codes and links to direct customers to your website or online shop. For example, inform them about further details about your service or the advertised product on an extra landing page or PURL, which looks like the mailing. Be sure to work with good photo and image material here and use the integration of videos for your product presentation. You should already focus on an emotional story in the concept phase for the print mailing and the web subpage. Keyword storytelling: Emphasize the special features of your product using a short story. In this way, the customer feels entertained and, in the best case, a purchase request is triggered, which ends with a purchase.

If Self-mailer, card mailing or enveloped mailing – Choosing the right medium also depends heavily on which target group is to be provided with which information. When it comes to bringing fashion, accessories, cosmetics or travel offers to women or men, postcards in all variants and formats are always a good choice. The message “catches” the recipient’s eye, so to speak, right from the mailbox. It doesn’t need big words or explanations, the right photo with the right headline is enough.

For offers and products that require much more explanation and information, an enveloped mailing or a so-called self-mailer is recommended. The difference between the two: An enveloped mailing is a mailing in a separate envelope, and a self-mailer is a mailing that packs itself, so to speak, i.e. it does not require an envelope. Both variants are ideally suited to implementing creative designs and achieving online sales.

The first impression counts – creative designs score

Convince at first glance. The design and layout are almost always decisive in determining whether a mailing is noticed and read or whether it ends up in the wastepaper basket unopened. Today, the battle for the customer is won at the mailbox – or lost. Even the cover should be promising and arouse curiosity about the content. You can achieve this by choosing a special type of paper for the envelope, relying on an extremely concise color scheme or having the envelope printed with a photo motif.

In addition to the visual, the haptic quality of a print mailing is also important: high-quality material for the mailing and cover, modern design, appealing motifs, emotional storytelling, high-quality printing, beautiful finishing and personalization.

Use the possibilities of a modern print shop and have your advertising mailings printed and packaged in high quality. Print shops already offer many lettershop services. In addition to printing and enveloping, these are an address comparison for duplicates, postage optimization, franking and mail delivery. Well equipped and optimally equipped, your creative print mailing will be even more popular with your customers.

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