CZUR Lens Pro Review / Documents can be converted into data in an instant! A versatile document scanner weighing only 427g that can also be used as a webcam!

Steadily from the world. The paper is gone.. In addition to the widespread use of digitization of books and comics, it was the Korona-ka that spurred on. Especially with the introduction of telework and de-hanko in corporate DX Corporations are also becoming paperlessTo support this, paper production is rapidly declining.

Product manuals will be replaced with PDFs and videos, receipts will become data due to the spread of QR code payment, and opportunities to exchange business cards will decrease due to the spread of online conferences. Steadily decreasing Probably.

Then all we have to worry about is at hand “Data conversion” of paperis. Past paper that was not digitized, paper that was obtained irregularly, such things are converted into data and combined with other things Organize You need to do it.

How do you convert paper data?

The first thing that comes to mind as to what to use for converting paper data is a smartphone.Smartphone app with document scanner functionThere are many. However, it depends on the brightness of the surroundings, the shadow of the smartphone is included, the alignment is necessary, the accuracy is limited, and the more you try to capture accurately, the moreApp limitsI feel

The best way to convert paper dataDedicated device = document scanneris. Is it ScanSnap as a standard? If you are in the office, there are also multifunction devices. I also used ScanSnap to capture a large amount of business cards and convert documents into data, but it was fast and highly accurate, and it was as easy to use as a dedicated device.However, as it isIt’s expensive and takes up space..

With that in mindBetween smartphone and dedicated equipmentIt may not be surprising. It’s reasonably cheap, stable and easy to use, it doesn’t take up much space, and it’s reasonably accurate.That’s what is needed in this era“Just right” equipmentIsn’t it (see the figure below)?

Introducing this timeCZUR Lens ProMay be the “just right” device that came out to meet the needs of the 2020s. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of product it is.

Lightweight and compact document scanner “Lens Pro” made by CZUR

This is the CZUR Lens Pro package. Like CZUR Shine, it has a handleBlack chic designis.

CZUR Lens Pro is accepting support purchases at Makuake!Super super early discountThen, the general selling price is 38% OFF12,800 yenIt can be purchased at. (Because the quantity is limited, it may have ended)

For this review, we have provided product samples. Please note that the product may differ from the actual product sold.

The previously reviewed CZUR Shine Ultra is a non-destructive A3-compatible document scanner that can also capture books and magazines. Review articles from below.

The volume of the package is reasonable, but when you open it, the contents are refreshing.

As shown in the photo, the contents are the CZUR Lens Pro body, document mat, USB cable, and start guides. It seems that the slightly larger package was due to the foundation of the CZUR Lens Pro.

The CZUR Lens Pro feels like a lightweight “stick” that you can hold with one hand.The total height is350mmI have. The square design is stylish. Above all, it’s light!In the spec tableAbout 0.42kgHowever, it feels lighter.

When I turned it over, I saw the lens in a mysterious place. There are ears on the wall and it is a shoji. More on that later.

The prop is180 degree rotationYou can.

One of the included USB cables is USB Type-C and the other is USB-A. * The USB Type-C conversion adapter in the photo is an option sold separately.

On the back of the base is a USB-C port for connection. By the way, do you see that there are grooves in three directions?

This is a groove for deciding the direction of the USB cable. Since it can be put out in 3 directions, it can be adjusted according to the location of the desk.You can decide how to put out the cable..

Now it’s time to lift up the CZUR Lens Pro. Look at this diagonal slit. Pull up the main body head from here.

I will raise it quickly. The silver parts are the main camera, and microphones are mounted on both sides.

It is fixed at the 90 degree position. This solid design is cool.

The main camera of CZUR Lens Pro isCMOS sensor made by SONYAdopted,e-Document Law and Electronic Bookkeeping LawThere is an image quality (330dpi, 12 million pixels) that can also be used. Next to the main cameraHigh brightness LED lightIs installed.

Even when you are not using the camera, you can turn the LED light on and off by pressing the light button on the pillar. in short,Space-saving desk lightIt also becomes.

The LED lights are so dazzling that you should never look directly at them.

With MacBook AirConnect with one USB cableThen you are ready to go.No AC adapter requiredSo it’s easy to carry. Because there is only one cableIt looks smartis.

Now, for a more accurate scan, the includedDocument matLet’s use.

This document mat has a frame so that you can easily set the CZUR Lens Pro because it is a special product.

Just fit the pedestal of the CZUR Lens Pro here.

Dragonflies are cut at the four corners of the document mat to serve as a guide for aligning A4 size paper.

Now, as we’ve seen, setting up the CZUR Lens Pro is a hassle-free process. It’s easy. Next, let’s install the application to use CZUR Lens Pro.

Install the application for CZUR Lens Pro

To use CZUR Lens Pro as a document scanner, use the dedicated application “CZUR LensIs required.

The download page of the application is as follows. This article deals with the Mac version.

Open the .dmg file after downloading. Drag the CZUR Lens app icon into the Applications folder to start copying and complete the installation.

When you start the applicationEnter serial numberWill be asked. Please refer to the serial number written on the back of the base of CZUR Lens Pro.

If you do not have the target product, you will not be able to use the CZUR Lens application.

The serial numbers do not have the numbers “1” and “0”, they are “I” (eye) or “O” (oh).

When you launch the application, a simple screen will appear. Select “Scanner” and “Visual Presentation”, but you can switch between them on the next screen, so you don’t have to come back.

I chose “scanner” as a starting point. The file list is empty because we haven’t read anything yet. Click the “Scan” button at the bottom right.

I will scan the paper that was thrown into the mailbox of my apartment.

Importing is simple, just press the scan button at the bottom right to import in an instant. You can make fine corrections and adjustments later, so if the paper is not bent or bent, feel free to take it in.

Unlike smartphone apps, there is no need to focus or adjust the capture size, so you can capture more and more easily. Let’s see what you can do specifically.

What can you do with the CZUR Lens application? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Let’s scan various things using the CZUR Lens Pro main unit and the CZUR Lens application.

Read invoices, invoices and receipts

First of all, I want to convert it to dataPaper documentsis. What we use here is the A4 or A5 size delivery note that comes with the product when you purchase it online. It will accumulate more and more, so I want to convert it into data.

This time, let’s import the delivery note of the audio device purchased with the e-earphone. There are color modes and page processing methods in the right menu. Since it is a single document, the color mode is “Automatic correctionThe page processing method is “Flat paper“. When you click the scan button,Capture is completed in an instantis. fast…….

I was able to capture it as a clear image. Since it was sideways, I will rotate it.

You can save it as an image as it is, but let’s try a function that goes one step further in the CZUR Lens application.

Document the scanned image with OCR

The delivery note scanned earlier is just an image. It is not imported as text data. Well thenHow can I import it as text data?

On the toolbar at the bottom of the application,OCR“there is. If you click this OCR icon with the image displayed, the language selection dialog will appear. Select “docx” as the file to export. Click the “Confirm” button at the bottom right to save.

When I opened the exported file in Microsoft Word, the characters and tables were set according to the layout of the image. The delivery note captured as an imageReproduced as a Word fileIt is.

of course,Text selectableHowever, the table structure is also maintained.

However, the accuracy of OCR varies depending on the type of text. Almost 100% of names, addresses, numbers, and cautions are recognized, but proper nouns such as store names and product names are not good at techmen. Even “e-earphones” with large letters are “6 earphones” and need to be reworked. Overconfidence is prohibited, but it is a very useful function if you take it in and make manual corrections.

How to scan business cards and shop cards one by one …?

It’s not just the documents that need to be scanned.I want to convert a large number of business cards into dataBy the way.

What about importing business cards with CZUR Lens Pro? As you can see by looking at the orange frame,1 documentHas been recognized as. (Here, I use a shop card instead of a business card)

Then, click the “Flat Paper” setting icon on the right menu. “Flat single page settings”Multi-target pagingThere is a check that says, so turn this on.

Then, for each cardThe orange frame is splitit was done.

By scanning as it is,Saved as separate imagesIt came to be. This is convenient!

However, the recognition range varied depending on the design of the business card. Business cards designed in two colors may be split and only part of them may be captured. Please be careful about business cards with high design.

Can be scanned and combined smoothly even with A4 spread

CZUR Lens Pro can capture A4 size, but if you select “Join side” in the page processing method, the CZUR Lens application sideAutomatic joinWill do it. When you open the settings,Combine horizontallyDo you doCombine verticallyYou can choose whether to do it.

“” At the bottom rightAutomatic scanning by handIf you check “”, it will be automatically imported every time you switch pages, and work efficiency will increase.

It also recognizes the QR code in the app

In the CZUR Lens applicationAlso recognizes the QR code in the imageWill do it.

If you click the QR code button in the lower menu while the image including the QR code is displayed, the QR code will be recognized and the contents will be displayed. It’s a semi-transparent dialog, so it’s a bit confusing in the image below, but you can copy it as is.

Since there are many leaflets and pamphlets that carry QR codes, it is convenient for the application to be able to recognize them as they are.

Easily add watermarks such as Confidential

In addition to this, for the captured imageAdd a watermarkcan also do. The CZUR Lens application seems to assume all the processing required for a document, with watermarks such as “Confidential”, “Do not copy”, and “Urgent”.You can put it in with one click..

You can also insert custom images, so it is highly versatile.

You can make a convincing commentary video with a visual presentation

By the way, we have seen the function of “scanner” so far, but there is another “scanner” in the main menu of the application.Visual presentationThere was a menu called.

While displaying the image on the camera, you can add supplements and explanations with overlays using the laser pointer tool and drawing tool.

If you have used PowerPoint etc., you will be able to select and use various tools from the tool palette on the right. “Flash lineIf you turn on the toggle of “, you can erase the drawn contents for each operation.

If you record it as a video, you can do it later.Export as a filecan also do. It’s a “visual presentation” that is very useful when you want to make a commentary video that shows your hand.

If you share the screen with Zoom or Meet while displaying the screen with the CZUR Lens application,Online visual presentationYou can also. It will be a convincing image.

Can also be used as a USB-connected webcam / document camera

When you are having a web conference, do you come across a scene where you can see the paper materials at hand or the screen of your smartphone or tablet through the webcam? However, even when I bring it closer to the webcam, it does not focus well or the characters cannot be seen.

CZUR Lens Pro is from the PC / Mac sideRecognized as a USB camera (ie webcam).. The CZUR Lens application is not required at this time. In other words, it can be set to the camera used by Zoom, Meet, Teams, etc. The photo below is when set as a Zoom camera.

I’ve played card games with Zoom before, and I’ve had a hard time with the camera position.thenDocument camera (name of the webcam that shows your hand)I knew about CZUR Lens Pro, which can be exactly that document camera.

In addition, the image in the CZUR Lens app looks brighter than the image projected by Zoom etc.This is the CZUR Lens app for brightness and white balanceAutomatic adjustmentBecause it is.

By the way, CZUR Lens Pro is in a state where the main camera can be seen even when the main body head is folded. Actually, the camera can be started even in this state (although the angle of view is limited …), so it is a simple webcam.

In order to make a webcam that shows your face, you need to devise something such as placing it on a tall shelf. Isn’t it convenient if you want to use it provisionally?

There are some things I’m not good at with CZUR Lens Pro

It’s a CZUR Lens Pro with all the good things, but there are some things I’m not good at.

LED lights are convenient, but they are quite bright, soGlossy paperFor example, movie leafletsReflection directly under the LEDI couldn’t capture it well. The leaflet below is from the movie “Minions Fever” released in the summer of 2022, but the light hits the face of the glue in the center and it is crushed white.

To solve this, you can turn off the LED light of CZUR Lens Pro, but the image itself will be dark, so you need to keep the surroundings bright.

Summary of CZUR Lens Pro

CZUR Lens Pro is not only used as a document scanner, but also for CZUR Lens applications.Various cooperation functionsAny operation on the documentOne-stop offerWill do it.In addition, it can be used as a desk light, a webcam, and a document camera.High versatilityIs also attractive.

While packing all these functionsSmart designTo summarize,lightweightEasy to carry with one USB cablesimpleCan connect toHigh flexibilityThere is also.

This is the only product in MakuakeCheapest 12,800 yenIt is surprising that it will be offered (in the case of limited quantity / super super early discount). If you want to efficiently convert paper into data, but want to make it as reasonable as possible, CZUR Lens Pro is probably the best choice. I recommend it!

  • Lightweight finish of about 420g that can be held with one hand
  • Stylish solid design
  • No AC adapter required, works with a single USB cable
  • High-brightness LED light that can also be used as a desk light
  • CZUR Lens application with various functions
  • Can be used with Zoom etc. as a document camera or Web camera