How to earn money as a student


Earn money as a student

Student life is a time that is sometimes relatively expensive. Clothes, books, fees, you might move into your own apartment and you might want to go to the disco. Students belong to the poorest section of the population, but still want to take part in life during this special time, which is why money is needed. Not all students are financed by their parents, most of them have to take care of the financing themselves. However, there are various ways to save money or earn a little on the side.

Study costs: How much money does a student need?

First of all, however, it is important to clarify how much money is actually needed. To do this, you should draw up a financing plan before you start your studies, in which both the fixed costs such as rent and tuition fees are entered, as well as running costs and reserves for unforeseen expenses. Incidentally, two thirds of the rental costs can be saved if you don’t live alone, but move into a shared flat or a dormitory. The semester fees are also due in any case, these usually amount to around 130 to 400 euros.

Cost of living as a student

The costs that a student needs in addition to living amount to an average of 794 euros. If you live in a big city, you often have to pay even more money. In addition to the rent and the semester fees, there are of course insurance contributions and above all the everyday expenses add up quickly. This includes, for example, groceries, for which an average of between 150 and 170 euros is due each month. You also have to plan around 20 to 60 euros for learning material, you usually need a laptop, books and other writing materials. However, the specialist literature can later be sold again used, so that these editions are only temporary. There are additional costs for internet and mobile phones, as well as for new clothes. Studying costs between 570 and 1,175 euros per month, depending on how you live. Of course, this money has to come from somewhere.

Save money as a student

Instead of juggling several part-time jobs, you can save a lot of money with simple tricks. You can just sell booksthat are no longer needed. Above all, used specialist literature can be sold excellently and brings in quite a bit of money. If you bought the books new, a large part of the money can be recovered. You can also buy the books used and sell them later to save even more money. This principle also works with new clothes, branded clothes are still perfect second-hand and can also be sold again via online platforms. Used furniture is also very cheap compared to buying new. However, you should not smash the extra money on the head, but either save it or even invest it sensibly.

How can I earn extra money as a student?

Before looking for a part-time job, you should always try BAföG to apply. This government grant is available to some students, giving you half the money as a gift and half as an interest-free loan that you pay back later. This way you can fully concentrate on your studies and still receive financial support. However, there are various criteria that decide whether you get BAföG at all and the application is also relatively complicated. If this was rejected, then a part-time job or short-term full-time employment must be resorted to.

Student jobs classic

Classic jobs for students are, for example, waiting tables, making calls or promoting. But there is also a constant need for temporary workers in supermarkets or at gas stations, and you can also work as a driver. The selection is relatively large and as a student you often have a good chance of being accepted for such jobs. Of course, you can also work as a working student in your department, but you should always pay attention to the income limits. Incidentally, you can also work full-time for a short time during the semester break if the applicable limits are observed. In this way, a lot of money can be made in the lecture-free time. So if you save money, for example, by selling old textbooks and doing a little work on the side, then you can make ends meet as a student.

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