eMeet eMute Review / Mute at hand, adjust volume, analog operation is fresh! Can be used on iPad (only volume control)!

There was a controller called Griffin PowerMate that I reviewed earlier. It looks beautiful like an audio product and I liked it because of its customizable programmable controller.

Review of volume controller “eMute” that appeared from eMeet

From eMeet, a simple shape volume controller “eMute” has appeared. It was a wired connection by USB instead of Bluetooth, but I am happy that it was released for the time being. But, it was out of stock for a while, and I was finally able to purchase it in 2022.

An eMute package with a bright blue color scheme.

The contents are a USB cable and a manual on the eMute main unit.

The eMute body has a simple cylindrical design. The knob, which occupies more than half of the main body, is light, and the pedestal is made of metal and is heavy, so it has a solid sense of stability.

Below the knob is an LED, a pedestal, that informs you of the operating status. The knob has a diagonal cut pattern, making it easy to turn when touched.

The bottom surface is covered with silicone non-slip, so it won’t slip even if you place it on your desk and operate it.

The top surface has a circular dent so that it can be easily operated with a finger, and it was made so that it can be turned lightly just by gently placing a finger on it.

When I connected it to my MacBook Air via USB, the LED turned blue. (Since the included USB cable was USB-A, we are using a USB-C to USB-C cable made by another company.)

You could increase or decrease the volume by turning the knob without installing any application. This is fun.

Even when connected to an iPad Pro with a USB-C port, it was possible to increase or decrease the volume. It’s something that works.

However, as the product name suggests, this product has a function to turn mute on and off. To enable this, you need to install the eMeet Link application.

It is the same regardless of which link you download from CHINA, US, ASIA, but let’s choose ASIA according to the proximity. After downloading, it’s easy to install by just dragging and dropping (on Mac).

If eMute is connected, it will be displayed on eMeet Link.

You can select the knob behavior by selecting eMute and then selecting “Button Mode Settings” from Personalization.

There is no companion app on the iPad, so all you can do is adjust the volume …

Summary of eMeet “eMute”

I never thought that a product like PowerMate would come out again. It took me a while to get it, but I’m happy because I’ve been waiting for it. Hopefully it will be fully compatible with the iPad, and eventually a Bluetooth version will be released.