Fresh groceries from the Bringmeister!


Fresh groceries from the Bringmeister!

Delivery service for companies!

Children can have many questions. However, the question of who is responsible for the food in the day-care center often remains unanswered. The cook cooks freshly, you can see that in turn. However who delivers the groceries and where are these bought? This question can be answered very easily! Thanks to the Bringmeister delivery service, companies, day-care centers, retirement homes and company celebrations are also supplied. All you have to do is open a suitable customer account on the Bringmeister homepage and enter all the required data. Then you can order directly from almost anywhere at any time. The Bringmeister offers a large selection of products, just like those found in supermarkets.

Celebrate great company parties!

Whether spontaneous or planned, the Bringmeister delivers groceries to almost any address. You can also find recipes for delicious drinks, cocktails and snacks on the homepage. This makes it very easy to put together a delicious buffet for the company event and to order the right products. All that is then needed is someone to conjure up the delicious snacks from the ingredients. For this purpose, the company should only have a small kitchen in which the meals can be prepared. A buffet can also be set up on a slightly wider, shady window sill. In addition, normal lunch dishes can also be prepared in order to spend a pleasant lunch break together.

More than food!

Ideally, the Bringmeister not only brings food, drinks and hygiene accessories, but also many non-food items. These include highlighters, ballpoint pens, envelopes and other office supplies. It’s also worth using the app. With this you can easily select the required items from anywhere. These will then be delivered at the desired time. Even the four payment methods are popular and easy to use. Because PayPal, direct debit or purchase on account are available here. If this sounds almost too good to be true, the Bringmaster can even top it. The focus here is also on the issue of sustainability. Both when delivering and when storing the items.


In addition to children, adults can also have many questions. Be it just the question of the time to buy groceries. Since this is often too tight in everyday life, these questions can ideally be answered with the Bringmeister. The Bringmeister supplies both private households as well as companies and kindergartens.

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