Give a eulogy for deceased members

Give a eulogy for deceased members

The heaviest duty for board members of an association is to offer condolences when a member has passed away. If you have been a member and active in the board of directors for many years, your voluntary commitment should also be recognized after death. You can express that with personal words in a condolence card, with a visit to the relatives if you know them well and have been connected to them for years, with grave decorations and finally with a eulogy at the funeral. The latter expresses the special appreciation of the board of directors for the deceased. The Chairman acts on behalf of his fellow Board members and its members.

What should you say in a eulogy?

Anyone who holds a eulogy for a deceased member of the association should find out about their career in the association and their personality. This is especially important if you didn’t know the deceased well. His activities, his outstanding skills or talents, but also his rough edges are a suitable basis for a good eulogy, which should be realistic and without pathos.

How long should a eulogy be?

Brevity is the soul of wit. This also applies to a eulogy. If it is a personality who is active in many social fields, then there will certainly be many eulogies. For this reason alone, the speech should not be too long and should be limited to the essentials. The length of 5 minutes should not be exceeded.

If the most important statements can be packed into a shorter period of time, all the better. At large funerals with many mourners and a few orators, the ceremony can last longer than an hour, because the sermon of the pastor – or, in the case of a non-church funeral, the speech of a free speaker – must also be taken into account.

The five most important points of a funeral speech

To help you create an authentic and appropriate eulogy, here are five points to keep in mind:

  • Show your personal pain.
  • Send your condolences to the family.
  • Remember the deceased, their achievements, their personality.
  • Describe an encounter or a character trait that you will never forget.
  • Say goodbye with grateful memories.

Take short breaks between each phrase to give them appropriate piety.

Example of a eulogy

Dear family, dear mourners,

the news of Max Mustermann’s death hit us hard too. Our association, the board, the members of Sängerlust are very sad that our friend Max is no longer with us. We had great hope that he would recover from the consequences of his serious illness. It’s hard to understand – just a few months ago he was so happy and confident on our club outing.

Dear mourners, happy and modest, that’s how we’ve known our Max for more than thirty years. With his lovable nature, he quickly grew on us. He pitched in and filled the honorary position with all his personality and great passion. A person who did a lot of good and brought joy to other people. We will miss him painfully – our friend Max as a valuable person and his special commitment to our association. We will always remember him with gratitude.

Dear Mustermann family, dear mourners: On behalf of all members of Sangeslust, I assure you of our deepest sympathy.

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