HAKUBA’s moisture-proof camera case, and dry softbox that you can carry your camera with

When I was addicted to digital single-lens, I was buying lenses, so I was steadily buying a three-stage type moisture-proof cabinet. Eventually, I started organizing the lenses little by little and replaced them with a compact size moisture-proof cabinet.

Since then, the image quality of the iPhone has improved year by year, the number of people who carry a digital single-lens has decreased, and it has become mainly used indoors. My camera system has only two lenses, a wide-angle lens and a macro lens.

Since I moved to a small condominium, I started to think that even the above-mentioned compact moisture-proof storage would take up a little space. I found there.


HAKUBA Moisture Proof Camera Case Dry Softbox Review

This time, I bought HAKUBA’s moisture-proof camera case dry box. I bought the M size because the SIGMA fp I use is a compact digital single-lens.

The dry softbox arrived in a folded state.

The dry softbox was divided into two parts.

The combination color of black and orange that we are reviewing this time isAmazon.co.jp limited productis. You can also choose L size.

There is a velcro on the bottom plate and the partition, so leave an appropriate space to stand.

The dry softbox itself does not have an antifungal function, so put an antifungal agent in the mesh pocket attached to the partition.

When I put the bottom plate and the partition inside the bag, I got two compartments.

After inserting the wide-angle lens, the camera, and another lens, wrap it around with the belt three times and fasten it with a buckle. This completes. Since it is highly airtight, it will be in a slightly swollen state. If you are interested, let’s deflate the air when closing.

The front is a vinyl window, and you can see the equipment inside.

Since the buckle part becomes a handle, you can carry it as it is.

You can use this as an inner bag and throw it into a large bag.

HAKUBA Moisture Proof Camera Case Dry Softbox Summary

It is a convenient case that can be used as a protective bag or as a simple moisture-proof storage!

↓ This is the M size introduced this time. The internal dimensions are approximately W225 x H110 x D135 mm.

↓ This is L size. The internal dimensions are approximately W290 x H210 x D165 mm.

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