Healthy sleep in home office times


Healthy sleep in home office times

The basis of our performance

The average person spends around a third of their life asleep in their bed. This is by no means a question of “lost time”. During sleep, the brain processes information, which took it during the day. It shifts, for example Memories from short to long term memory. For learning processes sleep is essential. Therefore need Children get more sleep than adults.

During sleep, the body sheds one multitude of messenger substances out. These promote the regeneration. That concerns mental and physical aspects. After a good night’s sleep you feel rested and full of energy. The basis for this is a bed that suits your body type and sleeping habits. In this context, box spring beds have been enjoying increasing popularity for several years. That comfortable lying feeling like on clouds and the elegant designs are among the most important advantages of beds with a comfortable height. One large selection of high-quality box spring beds can be found in the Möbel-Eins online shop. Thanks to the in-house joinery, special requests and custom-made products are possible here.

Not the length, but the quality is crucial

When it comes to whether we sleep well or badly, most judge theirs above all amount of sleep. Anyone who goes to bed late in the evening and gets up early in the morning is not surprised if he or she is tired. People who get enough sleep but don’t feel rested often suffer from one bad sleep quality. You wake up regularly at night, have Difficulty falling asleep or having nightmares. Those affected do not always know that they are sleeping poorly.

The most common causes of restless and less restful sleep are:

  • caffeine: Anyone who still has coffee, cola or energy drinks late in the evening does not get really tired and goes to bed too late
  • Blue light: Cell phones, TVs and computer monitors have high levels of blue light, which wakes you up and prevents you from falling asleep
  • Late Meals: If the stomach is still busy digesting, this reduces the quality of sleep
  • alcohol: A glass of wine or a beer after work helps to get tired and fall asleep – but sleep is less restful
  • Irregular sleep rhythm: The human body’s internal clock loves to have a rhythm and go to sleep at the same time every day

leads in the long term Lack of sleep to chronic fatigue. In numerous studies, researchers have found associations between too little or bad sleep and serious illnesses. For example, this increases with chronic lack of sleep Risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease or depression.

Sleep and home office – that’s why this combination is difficult

in the home office that strikes many people Sleeping much harder than before. There are several reasons for this: Pressure to get up early in the morning is significantly lower. If you don’t have to be in the office by 8 a.m. sharp, you’re welcome to turn around. Of the regular day-night rhythm of the body gets confused. who no set bedtimes has lost control of the remaining circadian rhythm.

Many people suffer from a pronounced problem when working from home lack of movement. Due to the applicable regulations, regular Training in the gym or in a club out. Is there still a lack of movement due to the home office? way to work entails, many people mutate into real couch potato and desk grouches. at physical activity hormones are released that wake up and promote tiredness in the evening. These effects are most pronounced in Exercise in the fresh air and in sunlight and daylight. A power nap can also help.

Another obstacle that awaits many remote workers is that they no real holiday have more. They find it difficult to leave tasks they have started and switch off. Instead, they sit at the computer for a long time. That brain is coming for two reasons not to rest:

  1. signals that Screen light with a high blue contentthat it’s still the middle of the day
  2. Tasks and problems at work remain present in the subconscious all the time

The result is tossing and turning in bed for hoursbecause affected later hard to fall asleep be able. Over time, a growing sleep deficit and chronic fatigue.

Tips for a healthy and restful sleep

Around to sleep restfully and efficiently, you should create the right framework conditions. This applies to both you behavior and your habits as well as the Furnishing your bedroom. The following checklist gives you an overview of the most important measures to the Improving your sleep quality:

  • sleeping climate: The ideal temperature in the bedroom is around 18°C
  • media break: Set up a so-called night mode on your computer and smartphone or avoid these devices before you go to bed
  • movement: Physical activity provides well-being and a pleasant tiredness. The WHO recommends at least 20 minutes of moderate exercise every day
  • Quiet: To fall asleep it should be quiet and undisturbed
  • Darkness: Several studies have found that people sleep better and deeper when it is really dark in the room
  • regularity: A regular day-night rhythm makes it easier to fall asleep and get up
  • Fast: The last large meal should be four hours before you go to bed


Length and quality of the nightly Sleeps are equally crucial to well-being. lack of sleep weakens that immune system and leads to permanent stress. Home office and pandemic are many in things Sleep disorders face new challenges. activitiesone healthy eating and a good daily structure help to improve sleep quality in the long term.


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