How much will a hair transplant in Turkey cost you?

How much will a hair transplant in Turkey cost you?

Anyone interested in hair transplantation in compliance with the highest international standards should not only look around the domestic market: with good reason, potential patients are increasingly discovering the metropolis of Istanbul as an alternative to treatment in Germany. In fact, hair transplants in Turkey stand out due to the costs, which are on average significantly lower than in Germany.

The Cosmedica Clinic, which has been in the central district of Küçükçekmece since 2007, serves as a prime example of a sought-after clinic in Turkey. It goes without saying that the reputation of the facility is not just based on low prices – after all, most customers in the medical-aesthetic field attach great importance to outstanding quality for obvious reasons.

The all-round carefree package

However, the financial resources for a hair transplant in Istanbul often have to be raised without the support of your own health insurance company. It is precisely then that an attractive price-performance ratio is sometimes the decisive factor. This is where a special all-inclusive package comes into play, which the Cosmedica Clinic puts together for its patients!

What exactly one Hair transplant in Turkey cost depends on the one hand on the respective treatment method and on the other hand on specific personal needs – the number of required grafts, for example, is an important key figure here. In addition to one of the two particularly proven treatment methods, various special services are associated with a booking, which means that a hair transplant in Istanbul is quickly cheaper than in Germany.

In any case, the special advantages include…

  • Two to three nights in a five-star hotel close to the clinic; Breakfast, WiFi and transfer included
  • All required blood tests, medication and toiletries
  • Intensive personal consultation in advance and a follow-up examination on the day after the treatment
  • Planning of the intervention by Dr. Levent Acar
  • A ten-year guarantee on the offered performance

The craft: How does a hair transplant work?

The two treatment methods mentioned are FUE sapphire method and the DHI sapphire method.

The former is usually a little cheaper and describes – roughly summarized – a procedure in which patients’ own hair roots are removed with a sapphire blade and then replanted in the desired places. The formation of fresh roots results in naturally growing, resistant hair in the medium term. In the case of an FUE method treatment, the all-inclusive package described also includes a professional hair wash in the clinic.

Next to it is the one developed in-house at the Cosmedica Clinic DHI sapphire process, which uses an all the finer micro sapphire blade. With this extremely precise tool, new hair canals are created and hair roots are implanted in them in a protected manner, which optimally minimizes scarring. At the same time, this therapy variant promises some amazing before and after pictures!

Apart from these two focal points of the operative business, the Cosmedica Clinic also offers related services; such as the PRP treatment to stimulate hair growth or services related to beard and eyebrows.

The mind behind Cosmedica

Founder and director of one of the most modern hair transplant clinics in Turkey is Dr. Levent Acar. Before founding the Cosmedica Clinic, he acquired his extensive knowledge of hair transplants by studying at the Istanbul University Capa and completed international training programs. Dr. Acar’s career path.

Incidentally, patients not only benefit from his many years of experience: the physician, who has received several awards for his implementation of the FUE procedure, was born and grew up in Germany. This allows Dr. Acar confidently convey security to German-speaking treatment guests, take care of worries and explain all necessary steps in a comprehensible manner.

Let’s summarize: The choice of treatment method and the question of how many grafts are required have a decisive impact on the costs of a hair transplant. However, thanks to sensibly put together all-inclusive packages, the Cosmedica Clinic is able to charge prices for high-quality hair transplants that seem so hard to imagine in Germany!

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