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Receive a discount voucher Karcher -10% by subscribing to the newsletter. By subscribing to the newsletter, you benefit from a promotional code giving you a 10% discount. The promotion is only valid on your first order.

How to get the 50 euros Karcher reimbursed? To get his repayment after purchase, you will need to go to the offer site to register and obtain a ballot with an entry number. You will receive your repayment by bank transfer within approximately 6 to 8 weeks after receipt of your request.

How to get a refund of 20 euros from Karcher? Promo offer terms Karcher WV and KV Signyou at the site of the operation. Print the resulting entry form. Attach the original 13-digit barcode (to be cut from the packaging). Also attach a photocopy of your invoice with sign, date and wording surrounded.

What are the different types of Karcher?

Pressure washer Karcher for home, garden, car | all models from K2 to K7

  • Upper range – K 7.
  • Medium range – K 5.
  • Medium range – K 4.
  • Entry-level class – K 3.
  • Entry-level class – K 2.

Where are Karchers made? Electronics are made in Germany, Italy, Romania, China, Brazil, Mexico and the United States.

What is the most reliable pressure washer?

The Karcher K7 is currently the hottest pressure washer powerful from the German brand. It performs all cleaning tasks in record time. Her pressure ranging from 20 to 180 bars will allow you to clean absolutely everything.

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Which Karcher model to choose?

Our Top 5 of the Best Karcher cleaners : The best Karcher Cleaner : Karcher K4 Premium Full Control HOME. Our 2nd choice: Karcher K2 Basic. The top-of-the-range: Karcher K7 Premium Full Control plus HOME‍ Very Good Deal: Karcher K3 Full Control‍

What pressure for a good Karcher?

The pressure from karcher In general, depending on the most commonly used models, the pressure varies between 150 and 250 bar.

What type of Karcher to clean a terrace?

To clean a terrace to karcher the electric pressure washer is recommended because it has the advantage of being compact and above all quite powerful. It is useless to invest in a high pressure thermal cleaner knowing that a power of 120 to 140 bars is necessary.

What is the best brand of karcher?

Karcher K7 Premium Smart Control: the better top of the line. This pressure washer Karcher is one of the most powerful in its class. Its 3,000 watt motor develops a maximum pressure of 180 bars and a water flow of up to 600 litres/hour.

What is the best pressure washer 2022?

The BXPW1600PE is the best pressure washer in this price range. It is more than enough for cleaning at high pressure occasional for individuals.

What difference between karcher k-5 and K7?

the Karcher K7 cleans a cleaning area of ​​60 m²/h. Performance: The Karcher K5 provides a water flow of 500 l/h. With the K5, the water flow is 600 l/h. the Karcher K5 is therefore at the head of the comparison.

What are the best pressure washer brands?

The 5 (true) Best Pressure Washers in 2022

  • Karcher K4 Premium – My favorite
  • Bosch Professional GHP5-75X – Professional model.
  • Black+Decker PW1700SPL – Good value for money.
  • Karcher K2 – A good choice for less than 100€
  • Worx WG630E – Ultra practical but low power (25 bars)

Why Kaercher?

Karcher is not just a pressure washer. Above all, it is the name of a German company that has made steam its main asset for home and garden maintenance.

What is the origin of the Karcher brand?

The mark oforigin German, Karcherknown for its high-pressure cleaners, has been fighting for years against the derogatory use of its name by French politicians.

How much does a pressure washer cost?

How much does a pressure washer cost?

the pressure washer price thermal varies between 300 and more than 8000 euros. For devices intended for individuals, the price ranges from 300 to 4000 euros. For industrial models: entry-level: 900 to 1100 euros for the mobile model and around 6000 to 8000 euros for the fixed model.

Which karcher to clean a wall?

Which karcher to clean a wall?

For a cleaning of facade, choose a high-pressure cleaner with a power of 3,000 watts, with a maximum pressure over 140 bar and a flow rate of 500 to 600 l/h (litres per hour).

How to buy a pressure washer?

For intensive use, we advise you to invest in a pressure washer of which the pressure goes beyond 140 bars, so as not to torment you! As for the water flow, it is the quantity of water projected by the pressure washerusually expressed in liters per hour.

How much pressure to wash a car?

The pressure of available water is another factor influencing the quality of the washing of your car : you need at least 80 bar, but the pressure must not exceed 200 bar. It’s not just the level of pressure which determines the effectiveness of the cleaning, but also the quantity of water supplied.

What power of karcher to clean a facade?

What power of karcher to clean a facade?

For effective cleaning of facade, the most suitable references must propel a flow rate of 500 to 600 l/h. Furthermore, a Powerful 3000 watts is usually sufficient. Finally, make sure that the maximum pressure exceeds 140 bar.

What is the difference between karchers?

The K4 has an 1800 watt motor that pumps water at 130 bar and has a flow rate of 420 liters per hour, while the K5 has a 2100 watt motor that pumps water at 145 bar and has a flow rate of 500 liters per hour.

Does a karcher consume a lot of electricity?

2 Expert Answers Hello, The Karcher k5 at a power of 2100 watts. In 1 hour, you will have consumes 2100 watts ofelectricity (billed 2.1kw/hour by your supplierenergy). If you use it for 2 hours, you will have consumes 2 times 2100 watts, i.e. 4200 watts (4.2kw/h billed) and so on.

Does the karcher consume a lot of water?

The flow ofwater is expressed in liters per hour: c’is the amount ofwater projected by the cleaner. More the flow is important, the better your performance will be. Namely: a high-pressure cleaner consumes about 400 and 600 liters per hour. In comparison a garden hose up to 3,500 liters per hour.

What power to clean a terrace?

What pressure for the cleaning of the terrace ? On the contrary, the cleaning of one terrace requires a Powerful greater than 2000 W, at least a flow rate of 140 bars and a pressure of 500 l/h.

When to pass the karcher on the terrace?

Depending on the level of encrustation of the dirt, a simple push broom may be sufficient, or a powerful jet of water. Otherwise, arm yourself with a high-pressure cleaner, for a thorough cleaning. The operation should be repeated at least twice a year, ideally in spring and autumn.

How to clean a tiled terrace with a karcher?

Work from the edge or a corner of the terracechasing dirt away from you with a sweeping motion. If it’s really necessary, use the strongest setting to move the embedded dirt. Rinse using lower pressure.

What is the best device for cleaning tiles?

The Kärcher FC 5 C’ floor scrubberis a device reliable and efficient which benefits from the know-how of the brand. Its rollers turn on themselves for attract and suck up dust and crumbs. At the same time they are permanently moistened for good to clean a floor tile clogged.

How to get reimbursed the 30 € Karcher?

1. Buy a pressure washer Karcher among the references listed below between 01/11/2021 and 31/12/2021. 2. Registeryou must be online between 01/11/2021 and 15/01/2022 and complete the participation form, then print it.

How to get a refund of €40 from Karcher?

To get your repaymentplease follow these steps: 1. Registeryou must be online between 02/16/2022 and 07/31/2022 and complete the participation form, then print it.

Which karcher k-5 to choose?

So which one Choose ? It really depends on your needs. If you only have small surfaces to clean, choose the K5 Compact. If you want to use it very regularly on larger spaces, take a look at the other, more complete models.

Where can I find the Karcher entry form?

You can follow the status of your participation by going to the My holdings. We remind you that the reimbursement period is 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of your compliant file.

How to benefit from the Karcher offer?

Here are the steps to benefit of a good plan Karcher :

  1. Purchase a product with offer reimbursement ;
  2. Register on the online site during the promotion period and fill in the participation form of your offer reimbursement Karcher.

How to take advantage of the Karcher offer?

48510 – €15 reimbursed for the purchase of a multifunction or ash and dust vacuum cleaner Karcher

  1. For any questions click here.
  2. Or if you encounter difficulties on the site, you can contact us by telephone at the HOTLINE: 0 805 622 207 (non-surcharged call) Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

How to get a refund of €40 from Karcher?

To get your repaymentplease follow these steps: 1. Registeryou must be online between 02/16/2022 and 07/31/2022 and complete the participation form, then print it.