How to create funny smileys with your keyboard for SMS and email

How to create funny smileys with your keyboard for SMS and email

Whether as a humorous gesture or as a symbol of surprise, smileys are always a nice gesture, which is why they can make sense in a message. Here are some instructions for different smileys:

How to create funny smileys

  • The humorous smiley:
    Colon, hyphen, parenthesis terminator
  • Smiley with a wink:
    Semicolon, hyphen, parenthesis terminator
  • If you are dealing with an angel:
    a zero, colon, hyphen, parenthesis terminator
  • If you got away with a black eye:
    Exclamation mark, hyphen, parenthesis terminator
  • The drunk smiley:
    Colon, asterisk, parenthesis terminators
  • The screaming smiley:
    Colon, hyphen, @ sign
  • the surprised smiley:
    the number 8, hyphen, capital i
  • the grin:
    Colon, hyphen, comma
  • the devilish smile:
    Arrow-Start, Colon, Dash, Arrow-Start

How to create cheeky smileys

  • You want to stick your tongue out:
    Colon, hyphen, small p
  • If you want to express indifference:
    Colon, hyphen, capital i
  • To express surprise:
    Colon, hyphen, small o
  • The sarcastic smiley:
    Colon, dash, arrow signs
  • The Skeptic:
    Colon, hyphen, slash

How to create sad smileys

  • If you want to express regret:
    Colon, hyphen, parenthesis initial character
  • If you want your smiley to cry:
    Colon, comma, parenthesis initial character

How to create symbolic smileys

  • The chef:
    Capital C, ampersand, colon, hyphen, parenthesis terminator
  • The pope:
    Plus, hyphen, colon, hyphen, parenthesis terminator
  • A turban wearer:
    @ sign, colon, hyphen, parenthesis terminator
  • Santa Claus:
    Asterisk, arrow-beginning, colon, hyphen, parenthesis ending
  • Elvis Smiley:
    Number 5, colon, hyphen, parenthesis terminator
  • The toupee wearer:
    Special characters Start bracket, colon, hyphen, end bracket character
  • The robot smiley:
    Start square bracket, colon, end square bracket
  • From summer vacation with sunglasses:
    the number 8, hyphen, parenthesis terminator
  • A smiley face for mustache wearers:
    Colon, hyphen, special characters, beginning of brackets
  • Smiley of secrecy:
    Colon, hyphen, hash

How to create smileys for smokers

  • The simple smoker:
    Colon, hyphen, capital q
  • the pipe smoker:
    Colon, hyphen, question mark
  • the cigar smoker
    Colon, hyphen, the number 7

How to send a kiss or a rose

  • Smiley with kisses:
    Colon, hyphen, small x
  • A rose:
    @ sign, special characters end of parenthesis, hyphen, end of arrow, hyphen, hyphen

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