How to extend an expired Wonderbox? – Better

The credit will allow you to choose an e-box which will be valid for 3 years and 3 months.

  1. Go to the “I have a Wonderbox» …
  2. In the “My Wonderbox ” click on ” To prolong this Wonderbox »

Where to find Wonderboxes in store? Wonderbox at the best price | E.Leclerc.

Where to buy a Wondercard? Go to the website and do your shopping. You can then indicate the information concerning your delivery address and if necessary modify it. Choose the wonder card as a means of payment. All that remains is to wait for the receipt of your order!

How to use a Wonderbox box?

  1. Choose your activity In the booklet or on, section “I have a Wonderbox “. …
  2. Book by calling the chosen partner directly and indicating the number of your check-present. …
  3. Submit your checkpresent when you get there and enjoy!

What are the Wonderbox activities?

  • Football matchesFrench teamOM – Olympique de MarseilleFC BarcelonaOL – Olympique LyonnaisPSG stadium tourSee all football clubs.
  • Rugby matchesStade ToulousainAviron Bayonnais – SupporterASM ClermontSee all Rugby clubs.
  • Basketball matchesLDCL ASVEL Elan ChalonSIG StrasbourgNanterre 92 MSB Le Mans.

How does a gift box work? A gift box can be defined as a present themed, offering different services or products that allow the recipient to choose according to their desires. The gift boxes thus resemble packets gifts which include catalogs of products and/or activities.

How to extend an expired Wonderbox? – Related issues

Which gift box to choose?

To conclude, choose the box adapted to the needs and desires of your loved ones: For maximum choice, turn to Smartbox. For a present personalized, and if you value quality, choose Wonderbox. For a more intimate approach to gift boxgo for Dakotabox.

What is a Wondercard?

The wondercard is a gift card allowing you to obtain the box of your choice, on the website, from among more than 150 boxes offered by Wonderbox.

How to accumulate Wonderboxes?

The credit will allow you to choose an e-box which will be valid for 3 years and 3 months.

  1. Go to the “I have a Wonderbox» …
  2. In the “My Wonderbox » click on « Redeem this Wonderbox »

How to sell a Wonderbox?

On, a market place launched at the end of April 2019, you sell your single-brand gift cards and your multi-brand gift vouchers yourself, as well as your Wonderbox and smartbox. Thanks to an online simulator, you estimate their value, which does not prevent you from setting the price yourself.

How do I know if a box is still valid?

Using the validity checker The validity checker that appears on the right side of this page is used in the following way: Simply enter the number of your gift certificate in the empty field. Check the box “I am not a robot” and click on “Validate”.

How to extend an expired wonderbox?

For a maturity beyond 6 months, you will benefit from a credit note valid until the initial maturity of your box. Wonderbox. EX: My box expires on 30.06.2021, I am requesting an exchange or extension on 08.03.2021, I would benefit from a credit note of 6 months.

How to get reimbursed from a wonderbox?

He will then have the choice of asking: either the repayment of the price paid at the latest within 14 days from the date on which the Buyer will have informed WONDERBOX of its refusal to maintain the order, i.e. an exchange of Products of equivalent characteristics and price.

How to use the Smartbox gift card?

Your credit smartbox can be used to purchase boxes on our site (excluding postage).

  1. Go to and select the box that you wish. …
  2. In the basket, enter the number and the activation code of your credit smartbox and click Add.

How to use a Smartbox?

You most likely know how it works. smartbox for having already purchased or received one yourself. In a box are an activity guide and a gift voucher allowing the beneficiary to book the stay or activity of their choice. Of course, he has nothing else to pay!

Where can I find the Wonderbox security code?

the security codeconsists of 3 digits and is located above the coded closed off. If you want further details, I recommend that you contact our customer service on 09 77 40 41 41.

How to leaf through a wonderbox?

How use a Wonderbox ?

  1. Browse the booklet to choose your activity, or go to the site, section “I have a Wonderbox”. …
  2. Reserve by calling the partner and indicating the number of the gift certificate.
  3. Give the gift certificate when you arrive on site and enjoy the experience!

How to activate a wonderbox without a receipt?

Simply register the gift certificate on, section “I have a Wonderbox “. On the day of the service, it is essential to give the partner the gift voucher present in the box, which will serve as a means of payment.

Where can I go with my Smartbox?

Go exploring near or far from home in safety and with flexibility.

  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. The whole region. Lyons. …
  • Burgundy-Franche-Comte
  • Centre-Val de Loire.
  • Great East.
  • The whole region. Paris. Castle of Versailles.
  • The whole region. Mont Saint Michel.
  • The whole region. Bordeaux. Fort Boyard. …
  • French Riviera and Corsica. The whole region.

What is the difference between Smartbox and Wonderbox?

smartbox offers 80 boxes, while Wonderbox sells 60 of them. Both play the partnership card: Michelin, Elle or Gîtes de France for Wonderbox ; GaultMillau, the regional natural parks and Logis de France for smartbox. The differences take place at the margins.

How to recover an expired Smartbox?

Unfortunately, your gift box can no longer be exchanged or extended after 3 months (90 days) from its date ofexpiry.

Who is dakotabox?

Who is dakotabox?

A 100% pleasure gift Created some twenty years ago, dakotabox is born from a passion. That of a few men who traveled the regions of France in search of unknown and unusual places. They went to meet those that at the time, they were called “artisans of leisure”.

How to extend a box?

If you wish to prolong your gift box, you just need to order the same product with a higher validity date. If, on the contrary, you wish to exchange it, all you have to do is order the gift box of your choice.

How to book on Vivabox?

For Reserve a service, nothing could be simpler: all you have to do is contact the partner you have chosen directly by telephone. Partner contact details can be accessed by registering your gift voucher number on, section “I have a Vivabox “.

How to contact wonderbox by email?

Click on “Help” at the bottom of the page. You will find the main questions about gift offers Wonderbox (deadline, exchange, refund, etc.). If you have not found the answer or the solution to your problem, you can fill out a form and send it by E-mail.

How to combine 2 Wonderbox?

Click on the button Combine my gift certificates at the top of the page to add more gift certificates to your redemption. Check the box to select all the gift certificates you wish to redeem. The value of the exchange will increase if you check more than one box.

How to transform a Smartbox into a credit?

Exchange on the Internet Exchange is possible and free of charge in the form of a Have up to the purchase value of the exchanged Gift Box / E-Box; this Have is valid for 6 months* and can be exchanged exclusively on the Website for an E-Box from the collection smartbox.

How to use a Wondercard card?

How I’utilize ? Select the box of your choice in your basket and continue with your order until you reach the “payment method” step. At this stage, select the payment method “pay by wonder card » and validate your choice.

How to sell gift cards?

Other resale sites In addition to specialized sites, second-hand sales platforms also offer this service. Thus, it is quite possible to sell your gift card Sephora, Zara or even Decathlon on the Vinted or Le Bon Coin sites.

How do I cancel my Wonderbox cart?

Call us on 09 70 25 40 90 (cost of a normal call depending on the operator), Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It would be our pleasure to help you !

How to contact Wonderbox by phone?

For any information, you can contact us contact on 09 77 40 41 41 (non-surcharged call).

How to use an expired Smartbox?

Unfortunately, your gift box can no longer be exchanged or extended after 3 months (90 days) from its expiration date. You can exchange your “Unlimited” gift box for free and at any time, even if its validity date has passed.

Where to buy home Supercard?

  • Leroy Merlin. from 50.00 €
  • Devialet. from 25.00 €
  • IKEA. from 10€
  • Castorama. from 10€
  • CONFORAMA. from 10€
  • Galleries Lafayette. from 20.00 €
  • HOUSES OF THE WORLD. from 20.00 €
  • The BHV MARAIS. from 20.00 €